Using Different Calendar Options in Microsoft SharePoint

Everyone has their own preferences and needs when it comes to organizing a calendar at the office. Microsoft SharePoint offers two options for you to keep track of calendar entries, between a Calendar List and a Calendar View:

  • Calendar List – When using a Calendar List, you can create and edit entries on the list, connect with group calendars, and easily add future dates. Updates made in the List will affect the entire list or library.
  • Calendar View – The Calendar View will show future dates or events in the library or Calendar List. Updates must be made in the library in order for them to be seen on the Calendar View. Calendar Views are usually the simplest option if there is a List in place with date options.

For additional tips and links to help you take advantage of this Microsoft SharePoint feature visit this GetThePoint blog post where they explain the calendar option that is the easiest to create and update for you and your co-workers.

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