Triumph Express Empowers Business Growth with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from Velosio

Learn how Velosio worked with Triumph Express to empower their business growth after a flawless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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    Triumph Express Service Canada, Inc., is best known for expertise in shipping customers’ ocean freight between Asia and Canada. Toronto-based Triumph Express is active at all Canadian ports including Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Montreal, and Halifax. The organization is also well represented in China, the India subcontinent, and SouthEast Asia markets. With three decades of service, the seasoned team of logistics professionals are well versed in all aspects of freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and North American distribution by road and rail.

    Technology Investments for a Secure Future

    Triumph Express believes in investing heavily in technology to provide customers with shipment data required to manage their business more effectively. In fact, Triumph Express prides itself on having expanded its reach and capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions that encompass all aspects of its customers’ supply chain.

    A growing business, Triumph Express knew it was time to make some strategic technology decisions. Focusing on a secure, successful future, it became imperative to replace the limitations of QuickBooks with a future-proofed, modern solution. The Finance team at Triumph Express was hindered by manual processes—exporting data to view and manipulate in Excel spreadsheets.

    While QuickBooks assisted with some elements of financial management, it was ultimately an accounting solution and not a full function ERP solution. “Bottom line, we outgrew QuickBooks and also our homegrown warehouse management solution,” explains Triumph Vice President Helen Rei. “We needed a tool with better reporting, security, and the ability to help us analyze the [financial] health of the company,” continues Rei. “We’ve grown quite a bit since COVID and had to find technology to keep up with our growing needs—all three divisions have been growing exponentially at the same time,” describes Rei.

    When looking for solutions for replacing the financial and warehouse management solutions, they found Silver Bullet for warehouse management. “Silver Bullet recommended Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) as the best system to integrate with their solution, and they also recommended we work with Microsoft partner Velosio,” says Rei. “We are 100% Microsoft users, so were drawn to the familiar BC user interface, as well as its compatibility with Silver Bullet,” continues Rei.

    “Velosio is great to work with—especially our consultant. He is very easy to communicate with, and very understanding… Velosio’s team is very organized compared to other companies. It was like being back in school which I thought was wonderful.”

    – Helen Rei

    Vice President, Triumph Express Services

    Flawless Implementation

    The team at Triumph selected BC with partner Velosio because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness in the cloud, and multicurrency capabilities. BC was implemented to manage Triumph’s multicurrency (Canada and US), General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Sales, and Fixed Assets.

    For Phase II, Triumph and Velosio will integrate BC with Silver Bullet for logistics management.

    “Over the course of a year, I did three implementations, and one was not so great, one was a complete disaster, leaving me with PTSD,” says Rei. “The BC implementation was the third, and it really was flawless. Velosio is great to work with—especially our consultant. He is very easy to communicate with, and very understanding. I can’t sing Velosio’s praises enough. It was seamless, and so easy. I think it was a combination of our familiarity with Microsoft products, but also a lot to do with our comprehensive training. Velosio’s team is very organized compared to other companies. It was like being back in school which I thought was wonderful,” continues Rei.

    Hands-on Training

    Post-go live, Velosio led hands-on training with the Triumph Finance team, providing step-by-step documentation and detailed user manuals. Once the Velosio team completed training labs, the Triumph team was provided with user acceptance training scripts based on their unique processes. They were then able to play in the system on their own and come back with additional questions.

    “The best part of the training was the Q&A we were able to complete with our consultant every
    Friday,” describes Rei. “It was intensive training—with sessions three times a week—then we would have homework to complete which prepared us to be self-sufficient. Our consultant’s door was always open for questions, which allowed us to continue with our normal business processes without interruption and making us feel as if there are no unknowns,” continues Rei.

    Business Benefits

    Triumph Express no longer needs to manipulate data manually. Dynamics BC pulls data from systems and databases, maps relations between systems, and displays the data in real-time. The process is fully automated, eliminating tedious administrative duties. “Comparing QuickBooks and BC product to product, BC is very easy to use—QuickBooks was terrible to look at and difficult to navigate,” describes Rei. “With BC we now have controls in place so that invoices can no longer be manipulated—we can be confident that the numbers are correct,” says Rei.

    “We also now have a lot more reports to use for financial planning and analysis. This allows us to confidently expand without performing complex calculations like we were doing in the past,” continues Rei.

    Additional benefits include:

    • Complete audit trail with an entire transactional history, including date, time, and user stamps.
    • Eliminates ongoing maintenance for physical database space on local servers.
    • Supports a global multi-company business while still handling localized taxes and reporting.
    • Intercompany and consolidation capabilities provide total visibility of the organization.
    • Accommodates multiple currencies and over 30 languages.
    • Seamlessly integrates with Outlook, Excel, Word, and Teams.