Top 5 Critical Principles for Financial Management

In today’s market, it’s tough to turn a profit even when you do things right. While there will always be financial challenges, it pays to stay in front of them with financial discipline. Keep reading to learn how to utilize our 5 keys to successful financial management to position your growing business for success.

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    Dynamic, fast-growing organizations must develop financial management solutions that can quickly adapt to their changing business needs while helping them reduce costs, make smarter decisions, and continuously innovate. Financial success for a business consists of maintaining a strong cash position, building a healthy balance sheet and sustaining profits. However, these things don’t just happen. They come as a result of practicing financial discipline.

    Making the best use of your finances should be a key element in business planning and assessing new opportunities. With limited resources, you may need to pass up promising opportunities if pursuing them would mean starving your core business of essential funding.

    Five Keys to Successful Financial Management for Growing Businesses

    1. Monitoring key financial management ratios: The secret to effective financial management lies in knowing which ratios to track and what they tell you about the state of your business.
    2. Key indicators to monitor: While it is critically important to monitor a core set of financial key indicators, there are a number of “non-financial” indicators that can have a significant impact on your company’s financial performance.
    3. Managing cash flow: We’ve all heard the saying “Cash is King” and for small and medium size businesses who are growing this is definitely the case.
    4. Forecasting:  No business can survive without adequate capital and sound forecasting is a key to making sure capital is available to meet needs.
    5. Equipping your business with the right tools: Having the right tools to conduct and optimize business is a key to responsiveness, growth, and profitability.

    In this whitepaper you’ll learn how to utilize the Five Keys to Successful Financial Management to ensure the health of your growing business.