The Softer Side of the Cloud: Three Benefits Beyond Tech

The Softer Side of the Cloud: Three Benefits Beyond Tech

Moving critical business operations such as ERP or CRM to the Cloud is an important decision. To justify the change, you need a solid business case. When you calculate benefits such as increased security, elimination of data silos, and lower total cost of ownership, the value of the Cloud becomes clear.

The great thing about the Cloud, though, is that the benefits extend beyond the technical, financial and operational indicators typically used to measure ROI. Turns out, there are intangible benefits that add even more value to the Cloud.

Happier, more loyal employees

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is at an all-time low, and companies are struggling to hire and retain employees at all levels. According to the 2019 State of Remote Work report, full-time remote workers reported being happy in their jobs 22% more than workers who are never remote. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, which employs over 100,000 people worldwide, says that, “Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge.” His claim is backed up by the report which shows employees are more loyal to companies that offer increased flexibility, and they are more likely to stay in their current job for the next five years, 13% more than on-site workers did.

Without the help of the Cloud, it is almost impossible for companies to provide employees the “work anytime, anywhere” capabilities they want and need. The Cloud opens new avenues for enabling mobility and flexibility including apps on smart phones and tablets, the ability to easily share and store files, and tools that allow workers to collaborate as though they were in the same conference room.

Happier, more satisfied customers

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in; today’s customers expect speed and convenience. They want to engage with you in the channel/s of their choice, and they don’t want to wait for information. For example, Microsoft research reveals that 66% of global respondents say they actively use three or more channels to access customer service. Further, 79% of millennials have a more favorable view of companies that offer a mobile-responsive portal.

Businesses can use the Cloud to quickly and effectively engage with customers across email, chat, social media, and SMS, and connect those channels to CRM and ERP systems. Sales, finance, marketing, and customer service all have accurate, real-time information about the customer, so they can promptly answer questions, send targeted campaigns, and provide the quality interactions that produce higher customer satisfaction.

Peace of mind

Business owners, executives and managers may leave the office, but work is never far from their thoughts. Especially in today’s digital environment, technological challenges are top of mind. With the Cloud, there are certain worries that can confidently be pushed aside to allow for more focus on core business issues instead. The Cloud inherently provides security, mobility, scalability, and affordability that on-premises solutions are hard pressed to match.

Operating and competing on a digital front becomes a reality and opens new opportunities for added growth and revenue. All employees can look at the business through a new lens and discover ways to enhance their day-to-day activities or long-term strategies. With the Cloud, everyone can rest assured that the business is positioned for the future.

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