The Future of On-Premises Microsoft Dynamics Solutions: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore the importance of staying updated with the future of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and leverage technology to scale your business.

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    Today’s technological environment will not be the same tomorrow. Microsoft Dynamics is a constantly evolving suite of enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software. It’s imperative that businesses and professionals stay ahead of Microsoft’s latest advancements to fully leverage its capabilities. To address this, a recent panel discussion during the ASPIRE23 event, The Future of On-Premises Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, by Velosio industry experts Grant Premo, Hani Qadri, and Jeff Suwyn, present the latest updates and what’s in store for the future of Microsoft Dynamics.

    The discussions spanned from the present features of Microsoft Dynamics to its anticipated updates in the coming years. Our leaders offer invaluable insights that guide businesses and professionals in making informed decisions. Staying updated ensures strategic planning, and readiness for future business challenges.

    Dynamics GP: What’s New?

    Grant Premo, a seasoned consultant, delved deep into the life cycles of Dynamics GP:

    • Extended Support: Dynamics GP versions from 2015 to 2018 R2 have now transitioned into extended support. While this means there won’t be any more bug fixes, users can still avail support.
    • Latest Release: Dynamics GP 18.5 was unveiled with the June update, bringing a host of new features and improvements.
    • Commitment to Support: Microsoft has pledged to provide mainstream support for Dynamics GP until 2028, with new releases rolling out annually.

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    • For Existing Customers: There won’t be any changes in enhancement costs, and they can continue to purchase licenses or modules.
    • For New Customers: Post-2025, there will be certain limitations in purchasing both perpetual and subscription licenses.
    • Velosio’s Assurance: Regardless of the version, Velosio will steadfastly support Dynamics GP.

    Dynamics SL: The Road Ahead

    Jeff Suwyn, the Director of Solution Management, highlighted the forthcoming releases and updates for Dynamics SL:

    • Upcoming Release: Dynamics SL 2018 CU-10 is slated for a June release, emphasizing bug fixes and introducing support for SQL Server 2022.
    • Final Release for 2018: CU-11, releasing in December, will be the last update for Dynamics SL 2018, marking its transition to extended support.
    • Support for Older Versions: Velosio will roll out year-end updates for previous versions like SL 2011 and 2015.
    • Future Support: Dynamics SL will continue to receive support until 2028. However, post the December release, no new features or updates will be introduced.

    Dynamics NAV: Evolution and Transition

    Hani Qadri, a senior consultant, offered a deep dive into the journey of Dynamics NAV, previously known as Navision:

    • Evolution: Over the years, Dynamics NAV has seen significant changes, most notably with the introduction of the role-tailored client in 2013.
    • Web Client Feature: Versions from 2015 to 2018 brought the web client feature, enabling users to access NAV through various browsers on multiple devices.
    • Shift to Business Central: The transition to Business Central (BC) signified a monumental shift in the Dynamics NAV landscape, offering users a more integrated and streamlined experience.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with real-time visibility across your entire business.

    Final Thoughts

    In the rapidly advancing technological landscape, this update on Microsoft Dynamics solutions emphasized a crucial point:  to remain competitive, businesses must stay updated with the latest software versions. These updates often introduce enhanced features, bolstered security, and superior integration capabilities. Our commitment here at Velosio ensures that clients experience a smooth transition to the latest ERP systems, enabling them to leverage the full potential of these tools and maintain operational efficiency.

    The shift towards cloud-based solutions further amplifies the value proposition. Embracing the cloud offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility, allowing for global collaboration and remote work. Beyond the convenience, the cloud ensures heightened security, regular software updates, and a significant reduction in IT infrastructure costs. Velosio’s guidance in these transitions is not merely about updating but about helping businesses tap into the transformative power of the cloud, positioning them for future success.

    ASPIRE23 took place on June 14th,2023. With 25+ presentations, focused on Microsoft & NetSuite Business Applications, this free online conference covered everything a mid-market company needs to modernize their technology apps and cloud platform.

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