The Collaboration Station: Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Goes Social

If there’s one thing that stands out after the 8 months Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has been on the market, it’s that the program is performing really, really well. Many people were not expecting the vast social modifications, with SharePoint making major strides in mobile-friendly interfaces, safe collaborations among various tools and platforms, and customizable apps.

High praise has been centered on Microsoft’s serious push “…towards the cloud, positioning it among a host of available industry solutions that businesses are using to collaborate across various workloads.” In addition, apps can be built in the cloud and made available for public or private use, new features for the admins can be integrated in the cloud when SharePoint Online is run with Office 365, and the Power View add-in for Excel allows for visualization and interaction with modeled data.

The most surprising theme for SharePoint 2013 has been the major social movement. One of the most significant changes occurred when Microsoft purchased Yammer back in 2012. This provides SharePoint users a choice of the traditional SharePoint Newsfeed or Yammer as the primary Enterprise Social Collaboration setting. With Yammer, Microsoft hopes to provide an option that allows more fluid communication throughout organizations that find the Newsfeed too much of a hassle.

The combination of the Yammer integration and cloud software are “intended to better foster sharing and collaboration.” The response from SharePoint users has been increasingly supportive as the social features have made a huge splash. Make sure to upgrade or make the switch to SharePoint and check out other Microsoft solutions here:

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