The Cobbler’s Children Do, In Fact, Have Shoes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions

Velosio implemented ClickDimensions marketing automation tool internally, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing.

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    You’ve heard the expression: the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Or, a plumber’s house always has a dripping tap. A blacksmith’s home only has wooden spoons. Although funny and old-fashioned, these expressions are commonly heard in our industry. The fact is, some IT companies never get around to treating their own company as a client. At Velosio, we asked ourselves: what better place to add efficiency than internally? Wouldn’t that make us better able to serve our customers? That’s what we learned when implementing ClickDimensions to more effectively manage internal marketing communications.

    In the past, Velosio’s marketing automation tool had limited functionality, unacceptable support turnaround and some functionality that did not integrate into its Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing (CRM) database. Tracking could not be monitored company-wide. Velosio needed to better segment, manage and report on marketing communications to its clients, prospects, partners, and vendors. Additionally, marketing activities were not sourced back to a marketing campaign for tracking and ROI reporting purposes. ‘Nurtured’ leads were sitting untouched for several months, which eliminated visibility.

    The Solution

    Velosio implemented ClickDimensions marketing automation tool internally, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing (CRM). The new, integrated system provides highly targeted, personalized content marketing based on personal subscription preferences. Velosio now has multi-channel lead generation functionality including email sends, event participation monitoring and nurture programs, and digital lead capture through landing pages with web forms, surveys and lead scoring. The marketing team at Velosio also gained the ability to see web analytics in one place and in real-time, including keyword searches, referral sites, and click paths.

    The Results

    • Campaign management is more detailed and structured, enabling real-time dashboard reporting which eliminates four hours of manual Microsoft Excel reporting every month.
    • Targeted, dynamic messaging improved audience engagement and click-through rates by 3 – 5%.
    • Manual efforts are automated including email sends, notifications and follow up assignments, saving several departments hours of administrative work.
    • Able to eliminate $5,000 in multiple system spends with the wide-breadth of core ClickDimensions functionality.
    • With lead scoring enabled, marketing is now able to recognize higher quality leads and move them through the sales pipeline faster.

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    Now, we definitely have shoes, and we’re off and running with them! Want to build sales and marketing efficiency at your company with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing, along with ClickDimensions? Ask us how.

    Best Regards,

    Mike Valentine
    Dynamics 365 Solutions Architect, Velosio

    About Mike

    Mike is an information technology leader with a passion for using technology to improve business operations, drive efficiency, and reduce costs. His mission is to use technology to transform organizations. In his current recent role as a Dynamics 365 Solutions Architect for Velosio, he has the opportunity to work with organizations to define business procesVelosio's Dynamics 365 for Sales expert Mike Valentines and technical requirements for a Dynamics 365/CRM/Field Service implementation.

    His background in IT leadership across a wide range of businesses gives him a unique ability to use best practices from different industries to develop strategy and technology solutions that enable organizations to drive growth.



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