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System Integrators – Don’t Miss Out on the SMB Market

How much of your system integration revenue comes from small- to mid-sized businesses?
If it’s less than a third, you may be missing out on a lucrative, relatively underserved market.

For several years, SMBs have been rapidly adopting cloud technology, typically to host easily implemented Software-as-a-Service applications. Cloud computing is a natural fit for organizations that operate on tight budgets yet need a platform that’s scalable, flexible and easily managed.

According to Techaisle, just over 80% of SMBs are either currently connecting or planning to connect their on-premises environments (including private clouds) to external public clouds. “These
firms are responding to a need to enable digital transformation of their business operations,” the research firm stated.

A Forbes-commissioned survey (conducted in late December 2020 and early January 2021) found that 78% of SMBs have either begun their digital transformation or plan to do so.

Most SMBs have dozens of applications, magnifying their needs for system integration. That, coupled with their rapid move to the cloud, opens boundless opportunities for system integrators to win new customers in the SMB market.