Sultan Healthcare – Healthcare Product Manufacturer Streamlines Customer Insights with Dynamics 365 for Sales

Sultan Healthcare needed to gain insights and provide real time data that could be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Keep reading to learn how this healthcare product manufacturer maximized productivity and optimized their software with Dynamics 365 for Sales implementation and training from Velosio.

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    Velosio Case Study: Sultan Healthcare

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    About the Company

    INDUSTRY: Dental materials, infection control, preventatives, and oral pharmaceutical products
    COMPANY SIZE: Worldwide sales through partners in 70 countries

    Over the course of their 135 year history, Sultan Healthcare has grown to be the world’s leading healthcare product manufacturer, providing infection control products, dental materials, preventives and oral therapeutics. Sultan Healthcare is dedicated to providing the global healthcare community with innovative products and fast, reliable service. Their on-going commitment to research and development allows us to constantly offer you their own exciting new products. They also aggressively seek out the latest product developments worldwide and bring them to you through their international distribution alliances and exclusive product acquisitions.

    The Challenge

    Organizing and Updating Data for Remote Access

    With its global sales force and customers, Sultan needed to find an efficient means of organizing and updating data that could be accessed remotely. Sales reps and distribution partners needed to know the status of sales to gain insight into a customer’s buying history and payment schedule.

    Sultan also needed to find a solution that would allow them to move away from their outdated paper-based field service system. Office employees needed to find and update information regarding complaints and share within the office and remote field service. In addition, Sultan wanted to leverage their investment in Microsoft technology (email platform, accounting) and needed a CRM system that would work well with existing infrastructure.

    The Solution

    Sultan chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales because of its robust features, its ability to be rapidly deployed, and its compatibility with current technology systems. Velosio’s experience with both Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and global CRM implementations made them the logical implementation partner as Sultan moved forward.

    To meet Sultan’s complex needs, Velosio customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales by creating fields and modules that linked CRM to other systems and drew on information from accounting, inventory, and product history. Velosio organized this data into a single interface, streamlining the organization and presentation of information to the sales reps. Sultan’s sales reps now had a 360 degree view of their customers at all times.

    Velosio created custom entities within the service module to help it fit their customer complaint process. In addition, checks were put in place to monitor the system and alert the necessary people when complaints were not being resolved.

    As each part of the system was implemented, Velosio tailored a training session for Sultan’s IT department to allow them to understand how their system worked. This enabled them to train the sales force and office staff more efficiently. The customized training, along with Microsoft’s intuitive interface that integrated with Outlook, helped increase end-user adoption of the CRM system. As a result, Sultan saw a quicker return on investment as its employees immediately began utilizing the tools to organize and track essential data.

    The Results

    The new CRM system has provided up-to-date customer information in real-time for reps; the ability to synchronize offline information for meetings, phone and email conversations; and on central location for customer information.

    Working with Velosio

    “The team from Velosio helped our people feel comfortable with the new system and our company is now taking full advantage of its capabilities. They showed us the value and importance of having the right CRM system in place. We are now able to easily track the progress of all of our reps no matter how remote they are. Dynamics 365 for Sales saves research analysts a lot of time and provides a whole new level of insight into the business.”

    Jesse Robbins, Director of IT, Sultan Healthcare, Inc.