Successful Migration of Data and Users After Acquisitions Leads to Employee Satisfaction and Streamlined Systems at Strabo Partners

Learn how Velosio helped Strabo Partners successfully lift and shift Microsoft Teams and Exchange data to a single tenant.

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    Client Overview

    Strabo Partners, a Microsoft partner specializing in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, was founded by solution architects that felt there was a better, different approach to implementations. Having been a part of the business software implementation industry for a number of years, they felt there was too much focus on hours billed and not enough focus on accountability, delivery, and quality. From this premise, Strabo Partners’ custom methodology was created. But it goes beyond the custom methodology; Strabo Partners also has a focus on helping businesses achieve their goals, by seeing IT as a tool to achieve what the business needs.


    Growing by acquisition, Strabo Partners needed to bring a newly acquired company and its Microsoft 365 information to the Strabo cloud, specifically Microsoft Teams and Exchange data. The goal was to allow all new Strabo employees to login under a Strabo email address, but also access old data.

    Strabo Partners asked Velosio, experts in Microsoft migration, to help with shifting and lifting the Microsoft Teams (30 Teams), and Microsoft Exchange data from the acquired company to one tenant.

    Benefits of Data Consolidation and Migration

    With the expertise of Velosio, Strabo Partners successfully shifted and lifted Microsoft Teams and Exchange data to a single tenant. This eliminated the need for manual data rebuilding or starting from scratch, ensuring a smooth transition and preserving historical information.

    By migrating data to the Strabo cloud, Strabo Partners achieved business continuity for the newly onboarded team members. They could seamlessly access their Strabo email addresses while still being able to retrieve and utilize historical data from their previous organizations. This streamlined the integration process and accelerated collaboration among team members.

    Time and Cost Savings

    Relying on Velosio to complete the Microsoft igration significantly reduced the administrative effort required by Strabo Partners. Instead of manually managing multiple systems and accounts, the consolidated tenant simplified user administration, access management, and security controls. This allowed Strabo Partners to focus on their core business activities without the burden of complex administrative tasks.

    By centralizing Microsoft Teams and Exchange data into one tenant, Strabo Partners realized cost savings on Microsoft licensing. Maintaining multiple tenants can be costly, both in terms of licensing fees and administrative overhead. Strabo Partners optimized their licensing structure and reduced unnecessary expenses, contributing to their overall cost savings.

    “Velosio was able to execute quickly and meet our tight timelines. This allowed us to cut costs and streamline our business operations.”

    – David Schmidt

    Founder and President, Strabo Partners

    Benefits of Partnership

    The decision of Strabo Partners, a fellow Microsoft partner, to engage Velosio for consulting work is a testament to the trust and confidence placed in Velosio’s capabilities. The collaborative experience between the two organizations highlights the value of partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced Microsoft migration expert like Velosio.

    ”There is never a higher compliment than a fellow Microsoft partner hiring Velosio for consulting work. I very much enjoyed working with the Strabo Partners team.”

    – Jonathan Darling

    Cloud Engineer, Velosio