Subcontractor Management for Engineering Companies

Learn how Velosio helped streamline the subcontractor management process and prevent unnecessary complications for Whitepaper.

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    Subcontracting work to qualified partners continues to be an effective strategy for companies who have insufficient resources or expertise in a specific area.

    Subcontracting in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry has greatly increased in recent years. Technology, size, and scale of projects are tending to be larger and more complex. As a result, many firms subcontract work because of insufficient resources or expertise in a specific area. For firms working in the government arena, contracts may require a certain participation rate of MBE, WBE or other partners with disadvantaged business status.

    Since the performance level of sub-contractors is a reflection of the company that hired them, it’s critical to effectively manage them throughout the course of daily operations until a project is complete. With best practices employed, the challenges and common mistakes that plague many engineering companies can be avoided. Instituting sound subcontractor management strategies can have a positive impact on your customer relationships and your bottom line.

    Streamline the Process and Prevent Unnecessary Complications

    Download the whitepaper and follow the tips to help you pick the right partner, manage costs, avoid delays, effectively manage and monitor projects along the way, and ultimately, protect your business with effective subcontractor management practices.