Rhenium Alloys – Refractory Metal Manufacturer Benefits with New Dynamics GP Partner

Rhenium Alloys' software partner lacked responsiveness and expertise. See how this manufacturing maximized ROI by switching to their Dynamics GP Partner.

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    Velosio Case Study: Rhenium Alloys

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    About the Company

    INDUSTRY: Manufactering
    LOCATION: North Ridgeville, OH
    SYSTEM: Microsoft Dynamics GP

    Rhenium Alloys, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of refractory metals and high temperature products, located near Cleveland, Ohio. They bring technology and engineering together to provide innovative solutions to customers in a wide range of industrial, government, and high-tech applications. Committed to continuous improvement in product quality, Rhenium operates an extensive research program to identify innovations and technologies in metals and alloys.


    The Challenge

    The company’s software partner lacked responsiveness and there was concern that the product wasn’t being used to its full potential.


    The Solution

    After running some internal testing, Rhenium Alloys decided to make the switch to Velosio as their trusted software partner.



    The company is now utilizing their accounting software to its fullest ability and is experiencing on-going satisfaction and confidence with Velosio.

    Integrated International Solution

    Rhenium Alloys Inc. is a leading refractory metal manufacturer, also providing specialty fabricated products. In 2007, they implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP. “It’s an accounting software, we use it to count the dollars in the company. Also, being a manufacturing facility, we use the inventory aspect of it. We’ve also integrated a paperless system with Dynamics,” said Sean Schroeder, IT Manager.

    In mid-2011, they began growing impatient with their partner’s lack of responsiveness. While they were content with the quality of service they were receiving when they received it, it was hit or miss whether or not they could ahold of their partner. “I don’t think that we used the product to its full potential…That is reflective of the people, the culture, the habits of the users,” said Schroeder.

    While some GP users began attending Velosio webinars to learn more about their solution, Schroeder sought the advice of a trusted advisor for a recommendation on a new software partner and was also pointed toward Velosio.

    Due to their issues with responsiveness from their existing partner, Schroeder and the team at Rhenium Alloys were pleased to learn that Velosio provides a dedicated Account Manager to serve as a primary point of contact for every client, regardless of size or number of users.

    Before they made any decisions, Rhenium wanted to make sure they would be see an improved response time, so they conducted a test. For the next three technical issues they faced, they contacted both Velosio and their software partner.

    “Whoever responded quicker was basically going to get my business,” said Scroeder. “Out of three issues, Velosio just knocked it out of the park and their response time was outstanding.”

    In May 2012, Rhenium Alloys changed they Dynamics GP partner and officially became a client of Velosio. Schroeder explained their decisions and on-going satisfaction with Velosio in this way, “I have a huge confidence with their ability to solve issues that come up day-to-day dealing with Dynamics. It makes me more comfortable, which then my confidence can go to the user.”