Revolutionizing Dynamics 365 User Adoption and Satisfaction

Learn how to revolutionize Dynamics 365 adoption & user satisfaction, to maximize the potential of Microsoft's powerful business applications.

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    Leverage and Maximize Dynamics 365 User Adoption & Satisfaction

    In the ever-evolving world of business technology, staying ahead means not just adopting the right solutions, but also ensuring seamless integration and user satisfaction. This is where Velosio steps in, especially for companies leveraging Dynamics 365. As a leading partner for cloud applications, Velosio’s unique approach to Dynamics 365 user adoption has been transforming how midmarket companies realize the full potential of their technology investments. 

    Unmatched Support and Service 

    Velosio’s commitment to its clients is evident in its Lifetime Service, a testament to the enduring support and understanding of your business needs. This dedicated lifecycle advocate model ensures a deep understanding of your business, leading to tailored support solutions. 

    • Lower Support Costs & Rapid Turnarounds: Velosio’s innovative onshore/offshore model ensures that you receive fast, effective support while keeping costs under control. 
    • Extended Service Hours: With Velosio, help is always at hand, thanks to extended service hours, ensuring issues are resolved promptly, minimizing downtime. 
    • Microsoft Premier Support: As a part of Velosio’s offerings, clients gain access to Microsoft’s premier support, enhancing the overall Dynamics 365 experience. 

    Axio Advantage and Enhanced Dynamics 365 Capabilities 

    Velosio takes Dynamics 365 to the next level with the Axio Advantage. This includes advanced capabilities like eBanking, integrated payroll solutions, and other useful enhancements. 

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    • Streamline Employee Onboarding: With new features like “Learning Paths,” Velosio makes the onboarding process more efficient and user-friendly. 
    • Regular Updates & Support: Enjoy up to 2 free release updates per year, with Velosio offering up to 40 hours of support with each upgrade. 

    Client Satisfaction and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

    Clients partnering with Velosio for Dynamics 365 have witnessed significant improvements: 

    • 45% Increase in User Satisfaction: A clear indicator of the effectiveness of Velosio’s approach. 
    • 33% Reduction in Support Costs: Cost-efficiency is at the forefront of Velosio’s service model. 
    • 20% Faster Deployment: Accelerated implementation times mean quicker returns on investment. 
    • Fewer Support Tickets & 100% Trained Users: Demonstrating the ease of use and reliability of the solutions provided. 


    Choosing Velosio means not just opting for a service provider but embracing a partner who is dedicated to enhancing your business operations. With Velosio, IT teams can refocus on driving the business forward, secure in the knowledge that their Dynamics 365 environment is in expert hands. Velosio’s industry-focused deployment models and expert advisors ensure that your technology investments quickly transform into a competitive advantage. 

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