Property Management Company Consolidates Tenants and Centralizes Microsoft Cloud Presence with Velosio Cloud

Learn how a property management company consolidates tenants and centralizes their Microsoft cloud presence with Velosio Cloud.

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    A renowned property management company known for its exceptional customer service and technological integration faced the challenge of hosting three separate Microsoft 365 tenants on GoDaddy. The limitations of the GoDaddy interface prevented the company from accessing the full range of features and functionality offered by Microsoft 365. Additionally, managing three tenants separately created complexity and inefficiency in administration.

    Consolidating Domains and Data Migration

    Velosio offered a comprehensive solution to address challenges posed by the multi-environment system. The Velosio cloud team was brought in to plan and execute transitioning all three tenants into one, ensuring proper domain setup. Prior to the migration, the Velosio team meticulously prepared the data to enable a smooth transition of all three tenants in a single night, minimizing downtime for users.


    By leveraging Velosio’s expertise, the property management company experienced numerous benefits from consolidating tenants and centralizing their Microsoft Cloud presence:

    1. Simplified Administration: With all three tenants consolidated into one tenant on Azure, administration became significantly simpler. Managing user accounts, access rights, and security measures became more streamlined and efficient.
    2. Enhanced Security and Standardization: The migration to Azure enabled the implementation of standardized multi-factor identification, alerts, and security protocols across all users and systems. This ensured a higher level of data protection and compliance.
    3. Unleashed Microsoft 365 Functionality: By transitioning to Azure, they gained full access to the complete suite of Microsoft 365 features and functionality. Users could now leverage the entire range of productivity tools and collaborative capabilities, further enhancing their efficiency and collaboration.

    Velosio’s expertise and seamless execution allowed the company to overcome its challenges and achieve a unified Microsoft Cloud strategy. With a consolidated tenant and enhanced capabilities, they could focus on delivering exceptional property management services while leveraging the power of the Microsoft Cloud to drive operational excellence.