Nachurs Alpine – Liquid Chemical Manufacturer Gains Pipeline Visibility with Dynamics CRM

Nachurs Alpine Solutions liquid chemical manufacturer needed a centralized CRM system. Keep reading to learn how Velosio's Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation and integration with Dynamics GP helped the company gain pipeline visibility, drive communications, and enable growth.

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    Velosio Case Study: Nachurs Alpine Solutions

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    About the Company

    Nachurs Alpine Solutions is a North American specialty liquid chemical manufacturer for the farming and oil and gas industries. With strategically located manufacturing plants and depot locations throughout North America, they provide exceptional products and service to meet the demands of customers through their family of brands; Nachurs, Alpine and NASi.

    The Challenge

    As Nachurs Alpine Solutions spread across the entire North American continent, they needed a centralized system to track client data and market share saturation. As an innovative company, they also needed a solution that could support growth, bringing scalability and flexibility to their business. This large, multi-brand company needed access to data across three separate businesses, minimizing confusion by bringing it all together into a single CRM system which would provide visibility into the overall pipeline. User adoption and overall data collection became a key factor when working with a traditional workforce, who generally don’t identify as technical.

    The Solution

    To create ease of use and drive user adoption, Nachurs Alpine Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an integration to their ERP system, Dynamics GP. The key benefit of an integrated CRM and ERP system was gaining visibility into the distributor to consumer relationship, captured by the Parent and Child functionality. The Velosio implementation Methodology helped identify the business processes for each brand and find a way to uniquely preserve each process in one system that could share all data, whether it was for a business consumer or wholesaler. Nachurs uses three very different business processes for each brand that initially created obstacles in designing their system, but by utilizing the Velosio CRM Project Methodology, we were able to help define a system that could be utilized by the entire company.


    • Greater visibility into future sales pipeline as well as a centralized place to measure success has helped create better communication across a company spanning across the entire continent.
    • State of the art system and a business process driven by this system, helps drive user adoption as well as efficiency for the team.
    • Continues to grow their business with Microsoft Dynamics and the latest functionality as they just recently upgraded their system to Microsoft Dynamics 365.