Make Business Decisions Clear as Day with Sage Automated Alerts and Workflow Enhancements

Want to see for yourself how Sage alerts and workflow enhancements can eliminate inefficiencies in your business processes? Read more.

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    If you are like most ERP users, you may find that while your information may be complete, there isn’t necessarily a clear picture of what it all means or what to do next. Out of the box, most systems don’t alert you to business events and even if they do, the required actions don’t flow in an apparent, logical manner. For many leading platforms, the answer is industry leading ERP alerts and ERP workflow enhancements. These apps or systems take the data and the processes that you use every day and create automated alerts and workflows that make business decisions as clear as day.

    Introducing Sage Alerts and Workflow Enhancements


    With Sage Alerts, you can:

    • Keep people informed.
    • Deliver automated Sage alerts about any business conditions, such as overdue invoices, critical support issues, or contracts about to expire.
    • Deliver the alerts via any method, any device, including email, text message, fax, dashboard, or instant message.
    • And send them to everyone; employees, customers, and suppliers – in the format they want, and when they need them the most.

    Sage alerts


    With Sage ERP workflow enhancements, you can empower your team to:

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    • Streamline processes by automating best practices.
    • When a client becomes overdue, automatically put them on credit hold; when stock runs low, auto-create a purchase order. And if a support request is received via email, turn that message into a support ticket.
    • Move data between applications; and create custom integrations that turn resource-intensive manual processes into automated business activities.

    Sage ERP workflow enhancements

    Sage Reports

    Sage reports enable your team to:

    • Auto-deliver relevant forms, documents, and reports to the people who need them.
    • Automate the generation and delivery of invoices to customers, purchase orders to suppliers, and analytical reports to managers.
    • Schedule Sage reports to auto-distribute based on any recurring schedule and in the requested format, and configure other reports to auto-run only when the business conditions warrant it.

    Sage Alerts and Workflow Special, Now – September 30

    Want to see for yourself how Sage alerts and workflow enhancements can eliminate inefficiencies in your business processes? Contact our Sage consultant today and we will provide a no cost tool and evaluation.


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    About Jim

    Jim Fuller-Velosio

    Jim is a seasoned veteran of the world of Information technology and operations management. With more than 25 years’ experience developing efficient processes, applying them, and measuring results, he understands business challenges firsthand and seeks to solve them as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Jim is adept at Sage and Microsoft products and is able to adapt or develop solutions tailored to the client’s needs and environment.

    Jim is a graduate of the University of Akron with a B.S. in Business Finance and a B.A. in International Business. He is also a CompTIA Certified Professional and former member and presenter for the CompTIA Services Section.

    He is a people person and a proud father of three grown children. In his rare spare time, Jim enjoys fishing, hiking, working on his cars, electric trains, and anything he can do with his family.

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