Let’s Talk About Improving Utilization

Improving utilization is key to your success. However, the number one challenge to managing siloed business systems.

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    As a professional services firm or project-based business, you know improving utilization is key to your success. However, the number one challenge to measuring and managing utilization is disconnected, siloed business systems.

    Reliance on disparate systems and manual processes is an urgent and pervasive problem. Incomplete or even inaccurate data can result in slow and possibly inaccurate management decision making. Billable staff are not optimally assigned or worse, overworked with poor morale. Client satisfaction can suffer, project deadlines missed will added costs can eat into profits .

    How Professional Services Firms Can Improve Utilization

    The solution is to implement connected technology that delivers visibility and reporting into every part of your business. A connected system will give you the ability to make operational, tactical, and strategic improvements that will drive better utilization…and, ultimately lead to greater profitability.

    Over a series of blog posts, we are going to delve into the broad topic of improving utilization by connecting people, processes, and technology. Upcoming blog posts will cover:

    • The three key utilization metrics
    • Learning from these metrics
    • A framework for improving utilization
    • The challenges of disconnected technology
    • Issues caused by disconnected systems
    • How to improve utilization at the operational level
    • Finding ways to improve utilization at the tactical level
    • Improving utilization at the strategic level

    Finally, we’ll wrap the blog series with information on how Velosio, a leading Microsoft partner can provide the solutions that connect your systems and the expertise necessary to help you achieve your business goals. We hope you join us on this journey to improved utilization. We promise that you’ll find value every step of the way.

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