Keys to Collaboration with Office 365

Office 365 can do wonders when it comes to promoting workplace collaboration by providing access to online versions of Office, over 25 different collaboration apps, and the ability to track the time investments of your employees. Keep reading to learn more.

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    Office 365, developed by Microsoft, is a group of subscriptions for productivity software and similar services. When developing this product, workplace collaboration was one of the main things that Microsoft had in mind. Many businesses, both small and large, can attest that Office 365 can do wonders when it comes to promoting collaboration among employees. Here is some information about why Office 365 is the best option for increasing workplace collaboration.

    Access to Online Versions of Office

    One of the main reasons why Office 365 is ideal for workplace collaboration is that it provides access to online versions of Office, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Your employees can use the online versions of Office to collaborate with each other. For example, if a team is working together on a Word document, each team member will be able to see everyone’s edits in real time. All of the changes are synced within the document and saved to the cloud automatically.

    Applications for Collaboration

    Office 365 consists of over 25 different applications. Many of these applications are conductive to workplace collaboration. Some examples of these applications include SharePoint Online, Skype for Business Online, Microsoft Teams, Yammer Groups, and Outlook Groups.

    SharePoint Online will allow you to create team sites, communication sites, and hub sites. Outlook Groups provides users with a shared Outlook inbox for email collaboration, a shared calendar to keep track of team events, a document library to share and store group files, a shared OneNote notebook for brainstorming and taking notes as a group, and a planner for group task management.

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    Overall, Office 365 features apps that are static and apps that are in real-time. Office 365 also features apps that are best for an individual, a team, a department, and even an entire company. Therefore, you will have no problem finding an application within the Office 365 suite that suits your specific needs.


    If collaboration is something you want to promote in your workplace, chances are you want a way to be able to track your progress. Fortunately, Office365 offers MyAnalytics, a tool that can be used to track the time investments of your employees. For example, you can also use this tool to see with whom every employee collaborates with the most. You can also use this tool to see whether employees are reading the emails they receive from other team members. This tool can help you pinpoint which areas the workplace is doing well in when it comes to collaboration and which areas could use some work.

    Office 365 is highly touted among businesses as one of the best tools for facilitating workplace collaboration. For more information about the many advantages of Office 365 when it comes to workplace collaboration, view our recent webinar:

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