Integrating ERP with Sales and Service Now Costs a Lot Less

In this article, learn the new reduced cost of integrating ERP with sales and service to advance your company.

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    If you use Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft is making it much more cost-effective to integrate your ERP functions with your sales and service functions. Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium customers can now attach two Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement modules (Sales Enterprise and Customer Service Enterprise) at a reduced cost. The licensing fee for each application is $20 per user per month—a monthly savings of $75 per license.

    While the pricing makes this an attractive offer, the greater benefit is the ability to empower your sales and service teams with next-generation AI, powerful automation, and contextual insights that transform and deepen customer experiences. And by integrating your finance, operations, sales, and service workflows, data flows automatically across the key areas of your business.

    Dynamics 365 Business Central is an ideal upgrade for small and medium-sized businesses currently using QuickBooks.

    The Benefits of Real-Time Data Access and Integrated Systems

    With everyone having real-time access to the status of sales and purchase orders as well as inventory and resource availability, you can keep your customers better informed. Your staff can also advance more efficiently through your sales and service processes so you can accelerate cash flow and generate more revenue.

    The integration of finance, operations, sales, and service processes also allows you to maintain a centralized repository of all company data. In addition to reducing manual data entry to rekey information from one system to another, you also reduce inconsistencies, such as the sales teams having inaccurate information on available inventory, or the accounting team using an out-of-date quote to generate an invoice.

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    Your management team will also appreciate the integration of all the key functional areas of your business. From one single system, they can more easily generate KPI reports to measure the performance of your business—particularly if you also use Microsoft Power BI. They can more quickly forecast sales, establish accurate budgets, identify service trends, spot supply chain issues, and predict output levels.

    Perhaps most importantly, in real time, every employee can see everything that’s going on with every customer. This includes orders, service requests, and contracts so they can work quickly to fulfill orders and resolve issues.

    License Discounts for Business Central Coming Soon

    Later this year, the discounted pricing will also flow in the other direction. Starting sometime in September, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise customers can attach the base license for Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials for the same fee—$20 per user per month.

    For more information on Dynamics 365 licensing or help with deploying Business Central or any of the Customer Engagement modules, contact Velosio today.



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