How Some Businesses Are Saving 90% of Costs with SharePoint

How can you save up to 90% in costs by successfully implementing a Business-Critical SharePoint? Read Pique Solutions study on how to do just that.

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    While organizations can gain some fantastic benefits from leveraging Microsoft SharePoint for an intranet, internet or extranet site, those benefits are magnified to a “transformational” level when organizations use SharePoint to expose and share data from Line-of-Business applications.  Microsoft calls this Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP).

    BCSP extends and automates important business processes across and beyond organizational boundaries, eliminating the “data silo effect” that hampers cross-team productivity when data is kept in disparate systems.  It enables increased user productivity and efficiency, more effective cross-team collaboration, improved business processes, and more.  Because SharePoint is designed to be easily integrated, BCSP is 60% faster to deploy and easier to maintain (95% fewer IT support hours) than other IT initiatives aimed at gaining the same results.  Because BCSP requires a low investment (I) and delivers significantly returns (R), companies using BCSP experience a very rapid ROI.

    Recently, Pique Solutions conducted a study of organizations using BCSP solutions.  They found that BCSP had gone beyond simply streamlining and automating business processes and communication, but had in fact transformed the businesses.  Pique found that organizations using BCSP realized cost savings of 80%-90% through:

    • Reduced business risk
    • Faster and better decisions
    • Increased output
    • Fewer errors & less re-working
    • Shorter process time
    • Simplified data entry and access
    • Unified IT access control
    • Faster deployment

    To read the complete findings of the Pique Solutions study, download their whitepaper.

    To begin realizing your own transformational savings through the connected value of a BCSP solution, contact us today!  As a SharePoint partner and a provider of many LOB solutions, we are uniquely qualified to help you set up your BCSP solution quickly and begin experiencing your own remarkable benefits.