How Leading Professional Services Firms Improve Utilization

Utilization is THE factor determining profitability for professional services firms and project-based businesses. The major challenges to measuring and managing this key metric are caused by siloed business systems. Disconnected technology has a direct, negative impact on every level:

  • Wasted effort, dragging down productivity and reducing billable hours
  • Inefficient, misaligned, and manual processes negatively impacting hours billed
  • Limited visibility and poor business insights weakening decision-making and alignment between the project pipeline and resource capacity

Modern, connected systems provide the capabilities needed to make operational, tactical, and strategic improvements that optimize utilization, increase realization rates, chargeable utilization, and ultimately, greater revenues and profit.

Watch this recorded webinar and learn from our industry experts at Velosio about Progressus, the business application powered by Microsoft Dynamics designed to connect and provide control of project-driven businesses. We’ll explore the relationship between utilization, people, process, and technology and how that relationship can improve performance and profitability. You’ll learn:

  • How to identify the metrics and KPI’s that impact utilization and profitability
  • Strategies for improved performance
  • Common challenges and how to overcome them
  • Actions you can take today to affect utilization rates