Grow and Compete in the Global Professional Services Market with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Progressus Software

The professional services market has gone global can your organization meet the demands of a global user base? Learn how to do just that in today's post.

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    The professional services market has gone global.  Growth today demands the ability to serve customers with global requirements and the capabilities to go toe-to-toe with global completion.  Succeeding in the global market requires organizational agility driven by insight into customers and operations.  You need to optimize your mix of solution, services, and markets and manage your resources to profitably provide services that drive customer loyalty and repeat business while providing your staff systems and resources to streamline operations.

    Stand-alone professional services automation can drive improved operations, but real insights require integration between accounting, project accounting, and project management.  You need a professional services automation solution that will integrate seamlessly with your ERP solution so that projects, resources, and skill-sets are managed efficiently no matter the country or currency. Custom integration is costly and complex.  State-of-the-art systems with robust ERP and PSA functionality used to be too expensive for most firms.  But Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Progressus Software have changed that!

    Our solution provides all the capabilities needed to manage professional services and project-based businesses of any size – operating in any geography. Functionality spans all the important processes in your firm – resource management, project management, sales and marketing, human capital management, and financial management – to give you unparalleled insight and control of all of your critical business functions. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, it is constructed for the cloud and provides role-based clients optimized for any browser or mobile device.

    From integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 to advanced project accounting and project portfolio optimization, Progressus Software is able to support the multi-language, multi-country and multi-currency capabilities you need to grow and compete in the global marketplace. Watch how Progressus Software can help growing professional services firms like yours go global!

    Progressus Software

    Progressus is a next-generation Professional Services Automation and ERP software solution, mobile-enabled and architected for the intelligent cloud. Progressus is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Customers can access their solution through role-based interfaces on their desktop, in a browser, or with a native mobile app on a tablet or mobile device.

    As a Dynamics 365-based solution, Progressus is rapidly deployed with minimal configuration, but it is built on an agile development platform supporting unlimited customization and integration using standard development technologies – allowing you to use in-house resources to modify or extend the system.

    Learn more about Progressus Software on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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