Five Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain

The distribution industry has changed a great deal over the past several years. Generational issues have led to consolidation. The web has forever changed information sourcing and is revolutionizing the purchasing function. Millennials are joining the distribution industry, margin erosion is continuing and customers demand a higher level of service.

Overcoming these challenges is really just the opening ante to prosper. There’s no doubt the supply chain management is becoming more complex creating the need for increased communication, collaboration and consistency of information while maintaining flexibility to adjust processes. Managing this complexity is vital to ensuring long-term success.

Today’s leading distributor has adapted to the times

Market leaders are differentiating themselves by doing things like forecasting supply, and driving demand to maximize profit margins and minimize operational costs. They have recognized the changing market and are proactively investing to control their future.

They’re redesigning processes, investing in technology, training staff, introducing new services, deploying omni-channel strategies and re-positioning themselves as solution providers.

We have conducted research on successful distributors and found the five attributes that are critical for distributors to possess if they want to become or remain market leaders.

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