Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management: Rapid Launch & Efficiency

Providing a quick launch path for Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management, Velosio unlocks the full potential of warehouse management capabilities.

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    Discovering Efficiency with Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Rapid Launch 

    Getting set up and running with Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management no longer needs to be a long, time consuming process. Now with Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Rapid Launch from Velosio, business can fast-track the implementation of advanced warehousing configurations. Traditionally, setting up a WMS is a time-consuming and complex process. But with this new offering, Velosio promises a swift and efficient setup, allowing businesses to get up and running in under 30 minutes. 

    Key Features and Benefits of Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management

    • Preconfigured Templates: Import D365 WMS Rapid Launch data packages, a set of preconfigured templates designed to fully run advanced warehouse management. 
    • Comprehensive Transaction Processing: From creating purchase orders to adjusting inventory, the solution covers a wide range of transaction processes. 
    • Advanced Configurations: The solution includes more data and configurations than the out-of-box wizard, offering sites, warehouses, mobile device menus, and much more. 
    • Practical Applications 
    • AXIO Distribution Addon: Streamlines new WMS projects by reducing the time spent on configuring and troubleshooting. 

    Additionally, Rapid Launch includes a CoPilot Studio chatbot to populate Excel data templates. Using AI, the CoPilot Studio chatbot makes it very simple to populate the templates, as we just need to respond to a few prompts.  This demonstrates the power of the Microsoft ecosystem and how to build no-code practical solutions with Microsoft tools.   

    Running this chatbot is as simple as three steps: 

    1. Use the chatbot to populate the templates 
    2. Download the populated templates and create a ZIP file. Using Power Automate you can streamline the creation of these files even more.  
    3. Import the 2 data templates into D365.  All the relevant WMS configs are loaded.   

    screenshot of test copilot

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    By leveraging the power of no-code solutions and AI, Velosio is helping businesses simplify processes that traditionally required extensive manual input. For those planning to implement Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management, this tool will save countless hours and not to mention reduce costs on your overall implementation.  


    To learn more, reach out to the team at Velosio.  

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