Ditch the Crystal Ball: Truly Understand What Your Customers Think

To assist businesses in securing customer feedback, a Principal Consultant gives an overview of how to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. 

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    To truly understand what your customers think, it’s time to “ditch the crystal ball” trying to find the answers on your own. Instead, give your customers a “voice” so they can tell you themselves. That’s the only way to know for sure how they feel about your products and services and to determine the needs they want you to solve.

    Giving your customers a voice requires creating a smooth-flowing feedback mechanism. In addition to helping you build stronger customer relationships, asking for feedback allows you to uncover service failures and formulate future products and services. You can also identify trends in customer needs.

    Another key benefit of surveys is that the feedback identifies who in your company is doing a great job. You can then acknowledge employees with any positive comments that come in to give them recognition among their peers and the satisfaction that they are positively impacting your customers.

    Multiple Survey Options for Connecting with Customers

    To assist businesses in securing customer feedback, Erica Ellis, a Principal Consultant for Velosio, presented the Aspire 22* audience with an overview of how to leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. This tool for survey authoring, distribution, and insight analysis represents the evolution of Microsoft Forms and uses Microsoft Dataverse technology.

    You can deploy Customer Voice as a stand-alone survey solution. But the Dataverse component makes it easy to share survey data with other Microsoft applications. Customer Voice gives you the flexibility to leverage pre-built survey templates or you can build your own.

    The surveys can be simple and short, or long and complex. You can also deliver them to customers in multiple ways—via email, hyperlinks, chat, phone, QR codes, and the web. Another option is to embed surveys into applications, and you can format them for viewing on desktops and mobile devices.

    Streamlining the Survey Process

    A key feature of Customer Voice is the ability to streamline your process—using Microsoft Power Automate—to link surveys to other Dynamics 365 applications, such as Customer Engagement (CE) and the Dynamics 365 ERP platforms (Business Central and Finance & Operations). Events such as customers receiving products, completed service calls, and contact center interaction can automatically trigger surveys to measure customer satisfaction. When completed, the survey responses automatically flow from Customer Voice back to Dynamics 365 applications.

    Customer Voice also comes with useful analysis tools, but if you are looking for more in-depth analysis, Power Automate enables you to integrate Customer Voice with Power BI. And if your users prefer to see the results in spreadsheets, you can set a process to automatically upload data to Excel.

    Any analysis that’s generated by any Microsoft application is automatically fed into customer records stored in your Dynamics 365 applications. This allows marketing, sales and service teams to see feedback attached to specific customer accounts, contacts, sales orders, and projects.

    See Customer Voice in Action

    To learn more and see Customer Voice in action, check out Erica’s full presentation, where she takes you through licensing considerations and various screenshots on how to set up and automate the surveys. Depending on your current Microsoft licensing, you may already be entitled to use Customer Voice.

    And if you need assistance on how to discover what your customers are thinking, contact Velosio today. We will be happy to help you ditch that crystal ball!


    * Aspire 22, the annual Velosio conference, brought together Dynamics users, finance and business leaders, and IT professionals from across the country. The one-day online event showcased the business possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions powered by today’s modern technologies.