Creating Balance Sheets in Management Reporter

Creating reports can often be a time consuming process. However, with Dynamics GP’s Management Reporter tool creating is a simple process.

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    Creating reports such as balance sheets can often be a time consuming and laborious process. However, with Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Management Reporter tool creating detailed, up to date balance sheets is a simple and streamlined process.

    Featuring an intuitive, Excel-like interface Management Reporter gives users the ability to harness Dynamics GP’s powerful data organizing tools in to balance sheets. The report designer gives users the ability to define the columns, rows, and reporting trees to make a reporting definition, which will then generate a custom report. These columns and rows are completely customizable, with data imported from the Dynamics GP system via the dimensions function. Users establish the time frame they want the report for, as well as select which account (or accounts) will be reported on. Excel-like functions, such as adding the totals from different rows together, can also be created. After defining both the rows and columns users then can combine them in to a report definition.

    Management Reporter also offers aesthetic functionality to ensure that reports are easy to read and look appealing to the reader. Blank columns can be inserted, rounding can be implemented, and changes to the font can be made, such as underlining and bolding. Management Reporter also features the ability to create multi-company reports thanks to its report tree function, which also allows for segregation of business segments or departments.

    With its streamlined, intuitive interface Management Reporter gives Dynamics GP users the power to create high-quality, accurate reports in just a few simple steps.

    Enabling the Modern Worker with the Microsoft PlatformEnabling the Modern Worker with the Microsoft Platform
    • Create Row Definitions
    • Create Column Definitions
    • Combine Row and Column definitions for the report definition
    • Generate report



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