COVID19 – Helping Our Dynamics Community Navigate Business During the Outbreak

Each day brings new information related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – the spread, school closings, social distancing and on, and on, and on. Without a doubt or apology, first and foremost the health and welfare of Velosio employees and their families is our priority. But “health” can be measured both physically and emotionally.

I can only speak for myself, but I believe I am like most – once I’ve assessed my family, friends and team members physical health situation, my concern and focus shifts to our mental and economic wellbeing. The changes impacting our normal day can’t be thought of as a “vacation.”  We haven’t saved up for it, social distancing limits socializing, and none of us tidied up all our loose strings at the office such that our work stress is left behind. Because this isn’t a vacation! And, we don’t know how long it’s going to last.

Like everyone, Velosio is monitoring the situation daily. We have invested and already have the infrastructure in place to continue serving our clients and partners under various scenarios, including where travel is limited, or employees are advised to work remotely – with minimized disruption. Over the last seven years, Velosio has been building our cloud service operations, which in general principle is remote management and administration. Our team has remote and secure access to essential resources (documents, software etc.) and tele- and video-conferencing platforms to stay connected virtually.

Need help securing your business continuity capabilities? And it’s more than just your business systems, it’s also about your employees. 

How Velosio is helping our Microsoft Dynamics community:

Tips and Best Practices

As a professional services consulting firm specializing in business applications, our team is already primarily remote. Over the year’s we’ve mastered the art of virtual teamwork and collaboration and how to operate effectively in our home environments. Follow us on Facebook – our team will be sharing best practices and tips that will help those of you who are new to working remote.

New Business Offerings

If you are running your business On-Premise with Microsoft Dynamics and discovering weaknesses in your business continuity plan that are disrupting your ability to maintain your operations, Velosio has structured new offerings to help including Managed Desktop and Server support, Data Storage, and rapid response Lifting and Shifting of your on-premises environment to the cloud. Our experienced cloud team has created options to help our on-premises Dynamics community navigate their business through the impacts of COVID-19.

Security Assessments

Unfortunately, during times of crisis, hackers find an entry way to take advantage. Ransomware attacks have been escalating over past months, and now with COVID-19, scammers are attempting to monetize further using a variety of strategies from malware to phishing. ALL BUSINESSES, no matter your size, can be victims of attack. Know your security score to ensure your business is protected.

With 30+ years’ experience helping over 4000 clients implement Microsoft Dynamics business applications, Velosio brings cloud technology expertise and innovation to service delivery.  If you have concerns about your Microsoft Dynamics environment, connect with us to better understand how we might help and for remote worker best practices visit our COVID-19 resources page.