Cosmos Data Technologies Enables the Next-Generation Cloud Reporting for Business Central

The partnership between Cosmos Data Technologies and Velosio heralds a new era in reporting solutions for Business Central users.

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    Cosmos Data Technologies, a pioneer in next-generation Business Central reporting, has joined forces with Velosio, a Microsoft Dynamics Partner with over 30 years of experience in the Microsoft Channel. This collaboration aims to provide Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users with a powerful cloud-based reporting solution to help them make data-driven decisions at the speed of business.

    New Partnership: A Win-Win Collaboration

    Cosmos’ and Velosio’s new partnership help revolutionize the Business Central reporting landscape by bringing together their strengths and experience in technology. Chief Revenue Officer of Cosmos, Anthony Bonaduce, commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled to partner with Velosio, a leader in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. This collaboration allows us to offer an innovative, cutting-edge reporting solution to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users, filling a gap in today’s market. By combining a real cloud reporting solution with Velosio’s delivery and support, customers will gain access to all their data in a central place, driving better business outcomes for everyone. It’s why we built this product, and we’re excited to share it.”

    Dynamics 365 Business Central eliminates manual processes for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Why Velosio is Partnering with Cosmos Data Technologies

    Velosio has partnered with Cosmos to enhance its repertoire of reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central users. Cosmos offers next-generation Business Central reporting that eliminates the usual bottlenecks and performance issues many on-premises third-party reporting tools suffer from. With Cosmos, users can quickly create reports or Power BI dashboards using optimized Business Central data, all in one place, providing a seamless, user-friendly experience.

    The Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business SuccessThe Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business Success

    Benefits of Using Cosmos

    Cosmos Data Technologies brings several advantages to the table for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users:

    Reporting for Everyone: Cosmos offers user-friendly, intuitive reporting and analytics that everyone can use successfully.

    Centralized, Secure Data: Cosmos provides centralized, secure access to your data in one unified Microsoft Azure cloud platform, ensuring that your data is always available and protected.

    Limitless, Simultaneous Reports: With Cosmos, users can generate lightning-fast, simultaneous reports without tying up Excel or other business applications.

    30 Reports in 30 Minutes: Cosmos enables users to create reports in just a few clicks, thanks to a library of pre-built, customizable report templates specifically designed for Business Central.

    Seamless Power BI Integration: Cosmos simplifies the process of creating Power BI dashboards and charts based on optimized data. Users can easily design Power BI dashboards without code, search and display Power BI Workspaces from within Cosmos, and securely share their dashboards with other users.


    The partnership between Cosmos Data Technologies and Velosio heralds a new era in reporting solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users. Combining Cosmos’ next-generation reporting capabilities with Velosio’s extensive experience in the Microsoft Channel, this collaboration promises to deliver unparalleled value to users, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

    Ready to leverage this partnership? Get started on your new COSMOS reporting journey.

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