Coming Attractions for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Read here to learn about the Field Service enhancements that Microsoft plans to make generally available between October 2022 & March 2023.

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    With the Dynamics 365 wave 2 release for 2022, Microsoft continues to make many improvements—including the Field Service module. Here’s a quick rundown of the major enhancements for Field Service that Microsoft plans to make generally available between October 2022 and March 2023:

    Mobile Usability

    Dynamics 365 Field Service streamlines common experience patterns on mobile devices, so the time spent performing repetitive tasks is reduced. With this new Dynamics 365 release, your field workforce can switch tabs in forms even when they’re at the bottom of a form.

    They also won’t have to scroll all the way up to switch between tabs, thus reducing time spent on forms. In addition, the mobile commanding bar will be updated on the most common tables to contain only functions relevant to specific forms and views.

    2022 wave 2 enhancements for Field Service

    Optimized Service Operations

    You can manage work order costs by setting up not-to-exceed values for costs and prices on work orders. You can also apply the values automatically to work orders based on the customer, the incident type, and the location of the work. Alternatively, you can give customers the ability to enter not-to-exceed amounts directly on work orders.

    You also have the option to notify service managers and frontline workers when the not-to-exceed value is near or exceeds the limit. This feature is especially helpful if you have a limit on what you can charge a customer without requesting approval or if customers request a limit on work order costs.

    New Resource Scheduling Board

    The new schedule board in Dynamics 365 Field Service makes scheduling easier and faster for dispatchers. There’s an in-app video that gives an overview of the new schedule board functionality along with a survey that invites you to give Microsoft feedback on what is working and where the schedule board can improve.

    You will see improved booking tooltips with daily, weekly, and monthly views. You can select multiple bookings and bulk change booking status. There’s also an auto-refresh requirements list with schedule board refresh.

    Stay on Top of Availability

    The preview of enhancements for Field Service and general availability timelines for these features vary and may change. There’s also the chance that some of the projected functionality may not be released. For the latest information on the Dynamics 365 Field Service module, you can visit the Microsoft technical documentation website.

    You can opt into some features now as part of early access, including all mandatory changes that affect users. To learn more about early access, go to this Microsoft FAQ. And if you need help implementing any new Dynamics 365 Field Services features or would like to discuss how the features can benefit your business, contact Velosio today.