Cincinnati Surgical – Improved Decision Making with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Cincinnati Surgical needed to improve their forecasting, historical analysis, and general reporting capabilities. Keep reading to learn how this surgical product manufacturer improved the speed and accuracy of decision making with a Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation from Velosio.

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    Since 1938, Cincinnati Surgical has been recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality surgical blades, scalpels, safety products, and operating room accessories. Cincinnati Surgical products have an unmatched reputation for being the sharpest, most precise and durable blades available to today’s surgical and healthcare professionals. These blades are also perfect for professionals in the flooring, roofing, manufacturing and general contracting industries – or for the at-home do-it-yourselfer. Cincinnati Surgical and its brands bring a large offering of products in both high-grade British stainless and carbon steel. The company offers its customers an increased range of products with a continued focus on design and innovation.

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    The Challenge

    In the past at Cincinnati Surgical, reporting functionality was poor. It was a difficult three-step process to get the data (necessary for making strategic business decisions) out of the software. An “awkward” old user interface made it time consuming for employees to enter sales orders and other data. Functionality such as forecasting and historical analysis that a quickly growing distributor like Cincinnati Surgical needs was missing. The current software system wasn’t scalable. As Cincinnati Surgical’s distribution channels and sales increased, they quickly grew beyond the limitations of the software. Cincinnati Surgical didn’t want to devote people and budget to supporting an IT infrastructure while also investing in other critical areas of the company.


    A key selection factor for Cincinnati Surgical was the stability and security of Microsoft as a company. Cincinnati Surgical knew the software would not only be continually updated, but would evolve over time, meaning they wouldn’t have to switch ERP solutions in the future. The employees were already working with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other Microsoft applications, so the learning curve for employees on Microsoft Dynamics GP was shortened.


    • Improved speed of decision-making now that Cincinnati Surgical is using business analyzer tools (BI). Because they can now see in a snapshot how the business is doing, Cincinnati Surgical product manufacturer can confidently grow in strategic ways.
    • Enhanced ability to quickly see real-time data in a graphical format within tools (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) they use every day (couldn’t do that with a DOS solution).
    • Corporate leadership can view KPIs on one screen – revenue, sales, profit margins, etc. – at a glance.
    • Easily manage multiple pricing models for eight unique target markets and the ability to quickly change those models when/as needed.

    “The way Velosio presented the software to us showed that they were extremely knowledgeable about the system (Microsoft Dynamics GP).”

    Jason Greiner, President