Are Your Systems Ready for Global Expansion?

Is your business ready for global expansion? Globalization does not just happen by accident and the business and technology challenges cannot be ignored. Keep reading to learn how to address common challenges and key considerations to selecting the right global ERP system for your business.

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    Pressures to exploit new markets and reduce costs are the top two key drivers for companies in making the decision to “go global.” The Internet, global supply chains, new markets, and access to new labor pools make going global a necessity for many companies. However, globalization does not just happen by accident and the business and technology challenges cannot be ignored.

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential component of any globalization strategy. As companies increasingly expand their reach and presence around the world, many are doing so with the help of a single fully integrated global enterprise resource planning solution that can support their global operations. This approach can give companies a more accurate and consistent understanding of their business at any given time anywhere in the world. Yet, few companies take full advantage of global ERP capabilities available today that can more effectively support and sustain global operations through global visibility and transactional interoperability.

    Global ERP systems allow organizations with far flung locations to streamline and standardize operations across multiple geographies, divisions, and departments—from supply chain to customer relationship management (CRM) and financials and accounting management. Although finding and implementing the global ERP system best-suited for your business is a significant and seemingly daunting task, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

    Download the whitepaper to learn how to choose a global ERP system that will not only support your immediate requirements, but will also enable continued growth as you achieve more success on the global front.