Changes to Microsoft Enterprise Agreements Provide an Opportunity for Businesses with Less Than 2,400 Seats

While changing to a Microsoft CSP will require administrative work on your part, it’s also an opportunity. Our review covers: Cost & benefits.

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    If you purchase software licenses from Microsoft through an Enterprise Agreement, an important change is coming on June 30th. Pricing will match the upcoming New Commerce Experience (NCE) changes, a per-seat model for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform subscriptions.

    The major impact is on customers with 2,400 seats or fewer. You likely won’t see the volume pricing benefits they previously experienced with their Enterprise Agreement. But there is an alternative—purchasing your licenses via a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

    Flexible Terms and Lower Support Costs

    While changing to a Microsoft CSP will require some administrative work on your part, it’s an opportunity to access the more flexible pricing structure CSPs are authorized to offer. You can also leverage the expertise of a Microsoft Partner that can help you run your cloud environment more efficiently.

    For example, with a CSP, you receive the benefit of premier Microsoft support at a lower cost than with an Enterprise Agreement. You can also structure your license payment plan across different time periods whereas an Enterprise Agreement locks you into one choice—three years.

    The Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business SuccessThe Right Microsoft Partner Can Drive Business Success

    Benefits of Working with a Cloud Solution Provider

    By working with one of the leading Microsoft CSP partners on your licensing needs for cloud services, you get the benefit of expertise in identifying the requirements to modernize your cloud environment. They will also help you keep up-to-date on the constantly changing Microsoft licensing program—like this one.

    A Microsoft CSP can also help evaluate the new Microsoft technologies. Instead of sifting through the documentation yourself, the Microsoft CSP will advise on how new services work, if they will benefit your business, and whether the return justifies the investment. For any technologies you choose to implement, the Microsoft CSP can continue to help—with a full range of solution design, deployment, training, and support services. They can also manage your Microsoft environment for you.

    Next Steps

    Velosio, a Microsoft CSP, would be glad to help you navigate the changes to the Enterprise Agreements program. We can also show you how cloud technologies open opportunities to expand your capabilities, power your mobile workforce, and create greater efficiency and productivity.

    By relying on our guidance, our customers benefit from improved reliability, security and scalability as well as innovation from new business services. And with a wide range of Microsoft services, our Microsoft consultants can set you up with a more modern, flexible approach to business operations.

    For more information, contact Velosio today.





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