Budgeting and Forecasting in Microsoft Dynamics Made Easy

BI360's budgeting and forecasting module is a complete data entry interface to capture strategies, goals, budgets, and forecasts.

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    Take that old crystal ball and throw it right out the window. You don’t need it anymore. As a user of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you now have a much better option: Solver BI360.

    BI360’s budgeting and forecasting module is a complete data entry interface to capture strategies, goals, budgets, and forecasts. Available for cloud and on-premises deployment, the solution comes with workflows that help you easily and cost-effectively manage it all.

    BI360 Budgeting and Forecasting Features

    • Excel design and Web delivery
    • Automatic spreading
    • Workflows
    • Unlimited budget versions
    • Templates and user-defined input forms
    • Budget at any level of detail, in any area
    • Multi-year, month, week, and day input
    • Allocations
    • Text comments

    Learn about the BI360 reporting features here.

    Simplify and Streamline Planning Processes

    You’ll be able to replace multiple, older reporting, planning, and analytical software with the single BI360 suite for lower maintenance, lower ongoing training and support, and less IT and consulting dependency.

    Pre-defined Models for Industry-specific Planning

    You can leverage the intuitive, Excel- and Web-based BI360 Budgeting and Forecasting module to quickly create and deploy input templates based on your existing budget model. Alternatively, you could completely redesign and modernize your model. With either scenario, you’ll find that you can simplify and expedite the implementation with a number of pre-defined templates.

    Produce Complete Budgets and Forecasts through Collaborative Planning

    With BI360, you can distribute ownership of the planning process so contributors can access, review, and share new insights into your budgeting activities. You will have the ability to discuss and define strategic plans and related targets, and then share these with the budget users. This is a planning process that drives participation through a shared understanding of corporate goals and objectives.


    In the end, you will have eliminated manual planning processes and back-and-forth emails. And you will have produced dynamic budgets and forecasts.

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and Solver BI360

    Solver BI360 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Dynamics NAV, and Dynamics 365.

    To learn more about BI360, contact our experts today.