Bing Maps Setup in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Step-By-Step Instructions

Do your Bing Maps look like this?  Let us help you fix that.

Below are instructions for setting up Bing Maps in Microsoft Dynamics 2013.

Before you begin you will need a Microsoft Live account.

Step One – Create a Bing Maps Account

Go to Click Sign In (just to the right of the large image).

If you just created your Microsoft Live Account, your screen will look like this. Click Yes to continue. If not, see the next screen.

Enter your Microsoft Live account information and click Sign-In.

Fill in the fields in the Account Details form, using the information from the Microsoft Live Account you created earlier.

Click Create when complete to create a new Bing Maps Account. Account name and Email address are required fields. All others are optional.

Step Two: Create a Basic Map Key

Use the Bing Maps Account you created earlier (which will be the same as the Microsoft Live Account you created before that).

Click Create or view keys, under the menu item My Account.

On the Create Key Form, fill in the required fields.

Application name: Type in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, CRM 2013, or the name of the application that will be used.

Application URL: This is an optional field. Type in your CRM 2013 URL or leave blank.

Key type: Change the choice in the pull-down menu from Trial to Basic. Trial will only give you 90 days of use.

Application type: In the pull-down menu, select Public Website or Private Windows App, or one that fits your use. If unable to decide on a choice, select Public Website.

Captcha image: Enter the characters exactly as shown. If unreadable, click Try a new image.

Click the Create button.

If your request for a key was successful, you will see green text above the Create Key form indicating; Key created successfully.

Below the Create Key form will be your newly generated key. Highlight and copy the entire key.

Step Three – Enable Bing Maps in CRM 2013

A Security Role of System Administrator, System Customizer or equivalent security privileges are required to complete this step.

Sign into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Navigate to Settings > Administration and click System Settings.

For Outlook CRM users, Administration is within the System Folder.

When System Settings opens, go to the General Tab and scroll to the section; Enable Bing Maps.

To enable Bing Maps, set Show Bing Maps on forms to Yes.

Cut & Paste (or type) the generated key into the field next to Bing Maps Key.

Click OK and exit System Settings.

All steps are complete and your Bing Maps should now be working.