Are Your Employees Aligned With Your Company’s Vision?

powerofsharedinformationWhat happens when your employees don’t have meaningful and objective information? There is a lack of understanding of how their competence and behavior impacts the organization.

Coordination and alignment aren’t just important for the leaders. It is critically important to the individual contributors. They need to know and understand that their work is important; how it fits into the bigger picture; and how their performance impacts the entire organization’s ability to meet its goals.

Not all information needs to be available to all employees all the time, but managers and employees need to understand what they mean and their significance in managing the company and achieving its strategy and goals. Potentially dangerous information which should not be shared includes confidential human resources information (salary, benefits, healthcare or medical history, family information, etc.); critical client-related and vendor-related information; and intellectual property (designs, programming, etc.).

Data should be entered into a single information repository

A big mistake that many companies make is letting each individual and/or department enter data into their own tool (Excel, Trello, Outlook, CRM tool, ERP tool, financial/accounting tool, etc.). The data from these tools is then often exported into an Excel-like spreadsheet presented in multiple worksheets with rows of numbers in weekly/monthly meetings with no correlation between the information and the company’s direction or progress and little individual or departmental ownership or accountability for the information being shared.

A holistic and integrated tool with a well-thought out taxonomy and purpose – although often viewed as expensive – not only saves time, effort, and multiple data entry errors – it really gives the company the opportunity to use and analyze the resulting information.


The more meaningful information that is provided to your employees, the more enabled they are to make good decisions. Download our whitepaper, The Power of Aligned and Shared Information, to learn how to invest in a system that will capture, hold and share holistic and comprehensive information to increase commitment, morale, decision-making capability, accountability, and management maturity amongst your employees.