2024 Release Wave 1 Highlights: Dynamics 365 Sales

2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales introduces powerful capabilities that empower sales teams to engage efficiently and optimize interactions.

Jason Wietharn

Practice Director, Customer Engagement

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    Increase Sales Productivity to Enhance Customer Interactions

    With Microsoft announcing the coming attractions of 2024 Release Wave 1 for Dynamics 365 Sales, organizations can supercharge the productivity of their sales teams. Microsoft is enhancing data and workflow integrations that enrich prospect and customer insights by leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence enabled by Copilot, which is integrated within Dynamics 365 Sales.

    With these capabilities, sellers can use execution tools to engage more efficiently—from initial awareness to proposal generation and closing deals. Sellers can also manage their pipeline more easily, which will help prioritize activities and optimize interactions.

    New Capabilities Coming to Dynamics 365 Sales

    Elevate Interactions with Email Content Suggestions

    Copilot can generate personalized emails tailored to the specific needs of each email recipient. By leveraging natural language processing algorithms, sellers can craft compelling emails that resonate with their audience while adjusting the tone, length, and content of each message before sending.

    Analyze Successful Deals to Leverage Information for Proposals

    Sellers can get quick answers from deal documents in SharePoint simply by chatting with Copilot. This enables quick decision-making on how to structure proposals and reduces the time to respond to customers.

    Generate Account Activity Summaries On-Demand

    Instead of sifting through scattered information or manually compiling account details, sellers can quickly access an overview of each account, enabling them to prioritize work and engage with customers in a personalized manner. Specific info sellers can tap into includes associated opportunities and leads as well as the latest news about an account.

    Plan Assigned Tasks for Engaging with Prospects and Customers

    With a preview of recommended sequence steps, sales reps can view all the steps for an associated sequence in the context of a particular entity record. This includes their own sequences as well as the sequences of other team members, allowing them to sync and execute all the tasks.

    Guide Account Teams to Work Simultaneously

    Using multiple sequences for each person on a team, this feature lets you assign sequences to different team members for a particular record to guide them to work together and win a deal. For example, you can assign one sequence to an account executive and another to a solution architect while they both work on a target account simultaneously.

    Notify Sellers and Managers After Assignment Rule Execution

    This feature allows sales managers to quickly notice failures in seller assignments and find an eligible seller. The notification also troubleshoots reasons for the failure to improve the effectiveness of this automated workflow.

    Assign Leads, and Opportunities to Sellers Based On Capacity

    Sales managers can ensure sellers work on top-priority leads by enforcing capacity limits and automatically assigning the most important leads. Managers can also limit low-priority leads assigned to each seller.

    Analyze Opportunities by Aggregating Values

    Group opportunities based on account name, seller name, or closing date can be grouped to segment and target the overall pipeline. You can also facilitate the aggregation of numeric values to assess estimated revenue within the overall pipeline or specific segments. This provides insights into the financial potential of opportunities to make it easier to prioritize deals.

    Customize the Lead-Qualification Process

    This eliminates back-and-forth interactions and saves time in lead evaluation. Managers can create multiple opportunities from a single lead to enhance collaboration among team members. This process also eliminates redundant data entry by pre-populating opportunity fields.

    Help for Integrating New Sales Functions

    These are just some of the new features to look forward to with the 2024 Release Wave 1 of Dynamics 365 Sales. With all the functions the solution already offers, along with these new features, it’s critical to harness them so your sales team can use the tools effectively.

    To help you navigate all the 2024 Release Wave 1 enhancements of Dynamics 365 Sales, Velosio is here to help. We are among the largest and most recognized Microsoft Dynamics partners, with thousands of active customers. Many years as a recognized leader in ERP, CRM, cloud productivity, and business intelligence solutions have repeatedly landed us in the top 1% of Microsoft Dynamics Partners worldwide.

    We will be glad to advise you on when each Dynamics 365 Sales enhancement will be available, which enhancements make sense for your environment, and how to sync them with the functions you already rely on. Contact us today to learn more.

    Jason Wietharn

    Practice Director, Customer Engagement

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