14 Reasons to Get Excited about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2

At Convergence 2014, we not only got confirmation of when we could expect Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 (in May 2014), but we also got a preview of some of the new features and functionality that we can expect.  While there are over 100 new features in the next release, 14 crowd pleasing features were presented in shootout fashion.

These features are:

  1. Azure Backups – Backup and restore directly with Windows Azure
  2. Checkbook IDs on Cash Receipt – Display the checkbook on the cash receipt inquiry window
  3. Email based on Document Type – Choose who you want to email which documents to individually
  4. Print remaining documents for email – Print and email in one step – available for e-mail batch processes and e-mail statement processes
  5. Document Attach 2.0 – Email documents with the transaction, follow transactions from the master record to the transaction, and mass delete attached files by date
  6. Reconcile bank without marking the transaction – Enables you to maintain audit trails for inactive checkbooks
  7. Set default sort order for checks – Save time running checks by sorting by payment number, name, state-city, or zip
  8. Payroll check date sorting – Default sort order by check date with descending/ascending sort options
  9. Vendor combiner & modifier – You no longer need PSTL to combine IDs. Combine existing vendor IDs with another existing ID or combine existing vendor IDs with new vendor IDs. Vendor IDs will update for all existing records
  10. Fixed assets default asset ID from asset class – A new option for asset IDs based on their class, enables you to more quickly setup assets
  11.  Assign items to multiple sites – Available in site maintenance, you can assign/unassign and otherwise manage all aspects of an item at multiple sites in one window
  12. Take company offline – Limit company access for maintenance, assign users with access, and message users when you are taking a company offline
  13. Reverse GL year end close – Open a previously closed fiscal year or edit multiple years
  14. Copy and paste to GL – Copy a journal entry and paste it into the general ledger, plus, the data being pasted is validated

In addition to the new features in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, there will also be updates to identity management, workflows, and the release of companion apps.

Although there are great things in store with the 2013 R2 release, the Dynamics GP Development Team isn’t resting on their laurels.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 is set to release in December 2014 with significant additional functionality improvements, identity management, and a service based architecture.  Beyond the 2015 release, there will be significant functionality and technology releases every six months in what the team is calling GP “Next.”

Many of the feature and function changes in these releases have come at the request of Dynamics GP users.  If you have a functionality request for the GP Development Team, you can submit it via the Microsoft Connect site.