What Your Next? Accounting for Growers with Velosio

Watch this recorded webinar to see how the latest accounting tools help growers just like you accurately capture costs in real-time, so that you can not only spot issues and adapt quickly – you can be proactive. Our team at Velosio has extensive experience helping greenhouse growers with these and many other sales, operational, and distribution needs. We get it. And we know that every detail can impact your bottom line.

In this informative session, we cover how our solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, provides financial visibility and accuracy to:

  • Determine your seasonal lineup based on highest margin items
  • Decide what you grow versus buy for customers, based on true cost
  • Pull an inventory evaluation report including work in progress costing at the click of a button
  • Discover on the fly, by variety and genus, true costs during different seasons (including indirect costs like heat of the greenhouse)