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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management uses artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive insights and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide enhanced planning, production, inventory, warehouse and transportation management. This powerful tool simplifies nearly every aspect of the supply chain, providing enhanced visibility and communication across your business for data-driven decision-making.

Of course, implementing such a wide-reaching tool calls for a skilled team. Velosio can help with decades of industry experience that helps us deliver fast and effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and support for your supply chain management needs.

Automate & scale warehouse ops

Avoid running out of stock or overstocking with machine learning guidance. Accelerate inbound/ outbound processes with embedded analytics.

Increase workforce efficiency and safety

Use Microsoft Guides with mixed reality to help improve performance, proactively resolve issues and perform maintenance.

Get a complete view of your supply chain

Enhance the delivery of your products and services by using predictive analytics to optimize planning and improve fulfillment, sourcing and logistics.


Key Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Features and Capabilities

Some of the main functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management include features that allow you to:

  • Streamline your supply chain planning and logistics.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction and drive profitability by optimizing material sourcing, fulfillment, and logistics.
  • Manage inventory and assets with precision using machine learning-enhanced guidance that recommends optimal inventory volumes, optimizes asset deployment, and streamlines processes.
  • Bring speed, agility, and efficiency to your manufacturing to connect and optimize production planning, scheduling, operations, and cost management.
  • Modernize your warehouse and asset management.

Automate and streamline supply chain

Use unified data from across the value chain to gain enhanced visibility into operations and make more informed decisions. Simplify the procurement processes by using a single application to manage contracts, work with vendors and monitor on-time delivery performance. Accelerate fulfillment with order routing based on availability and capacity constraints across companies, sites, and warehouses.

Modernize warehouse management

Get end-to-end visibility into your warehouse operations, and more effectively manage the capacity, consumption, and movement of your raw materials and finished goods. Use intelligent warehouse management and automation capabilities to optimize put-away activities, storage across stock rooms and distribution centers, and accelerate pick-pack-ship activities to increase capacity and reduce fulfillment times.

Maximize asset management

Track and strategically deploy assets to increase productivity and improve the overall equipment effectiveness of your mission-critical assets. Maximize the longevity and performance of high-value assets while reducing costs and production downtime by more effectively predicting and planning maintenance; and simplify maintenance with a single solution that supports multiple types of maintenance, including predictive, corrective, condition, and preventative maintenance.

Innovate manufacturing operations

Drive intelligent operations through a connected factory that uses IoT, AI, machine learning, and mixed reality to optimize people, processes, and equipment. Intelligent inventory management tools more accurately predict demand and optimize resources, while flexible, automated workflows accelerate product delivery and help ensure product quality and consistency.

Your Trusted Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider

At Velosio, we have decades of experience under our belt, along with the industry expertise necessary to create custom solutions with real-world benefits. Our implementation consultants can set up a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Management system efficiently. We’ll get you on track to modernize your manufacturing processes and seeing the advantages of D365 quickly, with as little interruption as possible.

When you work with us, you get access to a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, support services, peer networks, external resources and events geared toward powering your company’s growth and taking you to the next level. Let us help you innovate your supply chain and start working toward better efficiency, visibility and data collection.

To learn more about working with Velosio and what implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management would look like in your organization, reach out to an expert today.

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