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Dynamics NAV for Greenhouse Growers

Agriware is a suite of software modules that support the business processes of horticulture companies. The modules range from production and sales to the finances and associated aspects. This makes your company manageable and transparent, laying the foundations for greater efficiency.

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Functions of Greenhouse Management Software

Agriware 365 ERP has functionality that includes planning (space planning, labor planning and transport planning), production, sales, purchasing, stocks and financials. The generic functionality is tailored to suit the sectors that Agriware serves. Another element is the sector-specific functionality, such as electronic delivery forms, Florecom orders, Image Auctioning and digital supply lists.

Diagram of the Agriware structure

The batches (jobs) are usually created from the forecast and have all the data required for cultivation. A batch with cultivation activities consists of an item, properties, cultivation schedule and batch template.

During cultivation, the activities are recorded for the batch. This makes it possible to view the current status of cultivation at any moment and compare it against the original planning. The batch (job) provides the inputs needed for setting up the space planning and for the planned levels of stocks available for sale.

Agriware Connectors

Agriware has a number of connectors that link to external systems such as webshops, mobile apps or machines. They can be used to exchange data such as stock levels, locations, bookings against stocks, or order and delivery details.

Horticulture Segments Supported

Potted plant growers come in all shapes and sizes, just like the plants that are grown there. Agriware offers users the right support for each type of company and product, whether propagating young plants, growing green and flowering plants, or a combination of the two. Agriware’s horticultural software ensures the very best planning, registration and analyses.

  • Breeding
  • Multiplication
  • Young Plants
  • Growers

What Growers Need in a Greenhouse Management Software Solution

Solution Benefits

Why Velosio for Your Greenhouse Grower and Horticulture Software Solution?

Greenhouse Growers Testimonial Quote

“Green Circle Growers has been up and running on MS Dynamics Business Central for nearly two years with great success.  We were fortunate to have selected Velosio as our implementation partner and their expertise, diligence, and focus to get the job done has been exceptional.  We highly recommend this combination of software and partnership for other greenhouses seeking to improve their operations.”

Charles Dressler, Chief Information Officer, Green Circle Growers


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