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Let Velosio and Windows Virtual Desktop put you in control.

Staying competitive in today’s digital economy puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the IT support organization. The desktop experience is becoming more intricate and increasingly critical to productivity as is the expectation of anytime, anywhere access across devices. It is no surprise that Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides your employees with the only solution fully optimized for Windows 10 and Office 365 and clearly the best virtualized experience on the market.

If your organization is ready to take advantage of Windows Virtual Desktop, Velosio can provide guidance around the best licensing, migration and management options.




Best User Experience

Provide employees the best virtualized experience with the only solution that’s fully optimized for Windows 10 and Office 365, highly scalable, always up to date, and available on any device.

  • Multi-session and single-session Windows 10
  • Store and legacy app remoting
  • Free Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Enhanced Security

Windows Virtual Desktop provides a simple and familiar platform for Security Management. Windows Virtual Desktop provides greater control over endpoint devices and engrained role-based access to limit sensitive information or file sharing.

  • Azure AD Security Services
  • Granular Access Control
  • Isolated User Sessions

Superior Economics

Windows Virtual Desktop provides superior economics through cost savings in infrastructure, licensing, and labor. Utilizing WVD’s multi-session feature, license elimination, and simplified setup and management can provide significant savings.

  • Infrastructure
  • Licensing
  • Labor – PaaS > IaaS


Take the self-assessment to see if Windows Virtual Desktop is right for you:




You need the ability to add users quickly and easily
You need to scale efficiently on demand
Your end-users need a seamless rich client experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana, OneDrive, and Skype
You need to manage different deployment types across different deployment planes
You need to bring Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to your users
You need to support both persistent and nonpersistent environments
You need integrated security and management e.g. Microsoft 365, AAD
You need to run Windows 7 legacy applications post upcoming Win 7 EOL
You are in a regulated industry and need to meet strict compliance requirements
Your virtual desktop journey requires reuse of existing investments (e.g. Citrix)
You want to reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server

Empowering Innovation

Microsoft 365 Business offers a single, integrated technology solution designed for growing businesses. It empowers your employees to communicate, collaborate and do amazing work, and protects your data without bogging you down with complex IT management or expensive on-premises equipment.


Modernize your Citrix and VMWare virtual desktop infrastructure

Maximize investments and skills with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service and VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure to integrate Windows Virtual Desktop into existing desktop and app virtualization environments. In addition to support for hybrid deployments, a centralized management, and advanced tooling, Citrix and VMware customers can rapidly deploy Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session on Azure virtual machines.

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