SalesExpedite: 2 Hours and 2 Days to Guaranteed CRM Success for Dynamics NAV Users

Before you select the right CRM deployment method for your organization, you must first select the right CRM.

Uncover Revenue Opportunity

A pipeline is built through more calls that result in more opportunities. Do you have a CRM system that allows you to efficiently make more sales calls?

Perfect the Close

One key to more sales is a simple sales process that covers all the right steps before trying to close. Do you have a CRM system that helps you with the closing process?

Master Follow Up

Follow up is nearly impossible without a system to plan follow-up activities. Do you have a CRM system that enables thorough sales follow up?

Ok you get it, you need a CRM system. Well, of the top two CRM choices (according to Gartner), Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is more flexible and lower cost. And based on our more than 30 years of CRM experience, Velosio SalesExpedite can get you up and going with less investment in time and cost than any competing solution.

SalesExpedite CRM Deployment Method: Your 2-Day Customized Dynamics 365 for Sales Implementation

Velosio’s SalesExpedite CRM deployment method provides our customers with a fast, low-cost method to get their organizations up and running with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Leveraging web-based wizards, we can provide a customized deployment without expensive and time-consuming customization, allowing us to mold Dynamics 365 for Sales to your business specific need.

Download the PDF to learn how our SalesExpedite CRM deployment method can enable your business to be productive with Dynamics 365 for Sales almost immediately.