Velosio Case Study: LPK Design Agency

Case Study PDFDownload “Velosio and Microsoft Dynamics GP are Leading Brands for LPK”

About the Company

INDUSTRY: Design and Branding
LOCATION: Cincinnati, OH
NUMBER OF LOCATIONS: Five Multinational Locations
SYSTEM: Microsoft Dynamics GP

LPK is an international design agency specializing in building leadership brands — leading brands that stand out in consumers’ minds, instantly recognizable by their packaging, imagery, colors, symbols, and words. Brands like IBM, Pampers, Hallmark, and Pringles all benefit from the talented team headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Collaboration, innovation, and teamwork are behind LPK’s success.

The Challenge

LPK was outgrowing its industry-specific software, which lacked systematic controls and sophisticated tools for reporting and analysis.

The Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP, strategically planned and implemented by Velosio.


Integration with time tracking application software ensures projects are updated with current, accurate cost details. Powerful reporting tools deliver timely data needed to make strategic business decisions.

Turn To The Market Leaders

Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, LPK used an industry-specific project based accounting software package. The software performed well in many aspects, but its reporting and analysis tools were inadequate and support for the system was available from only one source.

“Increasingly, we found ourselves looking for workarounds to accomplish things the software wouldn’t allow us to do,” explains John Keller, financial services manager for LPK. “This meant we often had to modify our processes or create new ones to ensure the most accurate financial reporting possible. Our growth had simply outpaced the software’s capabilities.”

Based on identified objectives, LPK narrowed the search for a new accounting system down to three finalists, including Sage MAS 500 ERP, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. “Any of the systems could have worked for us, so we turned our focus to the partner relationship and network of users that would be available for each of these finalists,” Keller says.

“Velosio impressed us from the very start. Their process-focused approach to the project assured us they were best able to deliver a long-term software solution and make the switch a successful one.”

A Strategy For Success

Prior to the implementation, Velosio conducted a full business process review. It was during this process, Keller says, that the teamwork and collaboration between Velosio and LPK began. “It was not only a way to educate our new partners on LPK’s various business processes and accounting methods, it was also a way for us to take a wider look at ourselves and the way we worked. We were open to learning and understanding other processes and methods that would allow us to maximize the benefits of the new accounting software.”

Automated, Integrated Solutions

LPK had struggled to find an efficient way to gather the time sheets of over 300 employees, spread across four countries, and accurately charge that time to its projects. Velosio implemented an integrated solution for the company, utilizing the Project Management component of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Velosio designed and wrote scripts that automate the creation and posting of routine intercompany transactions. Velosio also worked with another LPK vendor to integrate the company’s time and expense tracking software with Dynamics GP, and with LPK’s bank to implement an electronic payment system for employee expenses using ACH. “Velosio has an amazing team that has succeeded on every request for integration—this is key to maximizing the software’s capability,” Keller says.

“We’ve been able to automate various data entry tasks, boosting accuracy and streamlining the process,” he continues. “It has provided us a way to collect and track true costs by project, by item, or employee. This gives decision makers access the most accurate and timely information.”

Business Intelligence Delivered

Reporting is another area where LPK has enjoyed improvements. Reporting was such a time- consuming process that critical business reports could only be assembled on a monthly basis. Now that information is readily accessible, reports detailing staff utilization, cost allocations, and intercompany activity can be produced on a weekly, or even a daily basis with minimal effort.

“We’re capable of analyzing aspects of our business that were out of reach before,” says Keller. “The project reporting has improved and elevated our revenue recognition process, allowing us to measure our financial position based on actual activity.”

Keller is confident that the company made the right choice—both in the software it selected and the business partner who implemented the software. “The LPK/Velosio partnership is a winning proposition. Velosio challenges us to examine every angle to maximize both its usefulness and necessity,” he concludes. “With the support of Velosio, this solution provides us with unlimited abilities to measure, report, and act on accurate and timely data. It’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before.”