Velosio Case Study: Kyocera SGS Precision Tools, INC.

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About the Company

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools, INC., is a family owned cutting tool manufacturer, specializing in the creation of carbine cutting tools and drills, selling primarily to companies such as BOEING, who use their tools to fill out the aluminum in plane engines.

The Challenge

In the past, KYOCERA was using Maximizer CRM. There were many issues with Maximizer, primarily lack of connectivity and integration. Different segments of company were not able to see each other’s work, and they lacked the ability to communicate effectively with offices in other countries. The KYOCERA sales cycle was complex, with multiple reps, some working outside of their CRM System, making it hard to create a pipeline of leads.

The Solution

A decision was made to change systems, and KYOCERA considered Oracle, Salesforce, and Dynamics CRM. Oracle was the early front-runner, but was eliminated quickly due to its lack of communication with customers and referrals. Velosio, on the other hand, brought in a full demo and put KYOCERA in contact with other companies who had made the switch to Dynamics CRM. Once Dynamics CRM was selected, Velosio began a full implementation and integration with their existing Oracle ERP solution using Scribe. The Velosio team worked with KYOCERA’s domestic and UK offices to perform a full implementation of Dynamics CRM. Due to their unique sales cycle, a longer trial period was needed, with both the US and UK offices needing to test system, leading to a better understanding of what the system would need to accomplish once fully integrated. KYOCERA and Velosio worked together to decide in what increments to bring data and apps over, to avoid bringing over too much data and decreasing the system’s search-ability. Velosio hosted on-line training for each segment of the business, to teach them the new systems and dashboards they would need, and how they work together.

The Results

  • A phased implementation, starting with US locations and virtual, international engineers
  • Within fifteen days of launch engineers around the world had adopted the system to input new leads
  • Immediate increase in connectivity between different business segments
    • All users now able to see whole system, leading to increased communication
  • Pipeline of new potential leads now easier to see and manage
  • Launched a new campaign, tracking it in the CRM system which was impossible before
  • New system more accurately shows lead pipeline, as well as their potential sales opportunities
  • Mobile app vital for a salesforce that primarily works remotely
  • Case Management Module replaced former (independent from CRM) system in handling customer complaints and returns
    • Lead to happier customers as needs could be addressed quicker and more efficiently
    • With all departments able to see the system, problems could be corrected at source, preventing future returns and loss
    • Weekly reports made within Case Management Module to keep relevant parties up to date with issues
  • Within a year of implementing CRM in the United States, the UK office moved to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online