What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals?

In a world where customer service response rates are expected to be not just fast, but immediate, how do expert providers continue to offer support and ensure high quality without breaking the bank?










In the digital world we live in today, purpose-built portals are helping brands connect with their clients in real time, creating self-service that maximizes the efficiency of every interaction – empowering users and organizations.

Scalable: Portal solutions that fit your business today and tomorrow. Your organization can start with and pay for what you need, and add additional portals at your own pace.

Productive: Portals built with the right answers and resources for the way you work best. Provide the right access and information to customers and partners in the way that suits their preferences to maximize the productivity of every interaction.

Intelligent: Harness intelligence to earn visibility and maximize selling. Dynamics 365 delivers built-in intelligence through the tools and information access needed to succeed.

Adaptable: Stay agile and adapt to the pace of business. Change and evolve processes in real-time using a modern, consistent, and extensible platform – so you are not being held back by legacy technology.

What’s new in portals?


Customer tracking

Track customer portal interactions for a 360 view of the customer.

Portals source code release (preview)

Enable on-premises deployments and portal customizations.

Enhanced knowledge

Display notes and include attachments on knowledge articles.

Administrative wizard

Publish any entity on your portal using new administrative wizard.

Expanded language support

Available in German Sovereign Cloud, manage new language and add-ons

Single sign-on configuration

Support Azure AD-B2C for portal authentication using SSO configuration


Dynamics 365 portal brings customers, employees or partners into the business processes and allows Dynamics 365 data to be accessed quickly and easily via the web maximizing the productivity at every touch point.

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