What a Difference a Partner Makes – Part 1

A recent study by Panorama Consulting Group and posted on indicated some pretty bleak prospects for companies considering an ERP software implementation. The 1300 respondents who implemented an ERP system in the last three years indicated that:
  • 93% of ERP system implementations take longer than expected
  • 59% of ERP software implementations cost more than budgeted
  • Only 13% were “very satisfied” with their solution

Although these stats reflect very poorly on ERP software solutions, they completely ignore a huge factor in selecting and implementing ERP software: The Partner.  Choosing the best partner for the job can mean the difference between success and failure.

Only 38% of Socius’ Ohio ERP system implementations over the past year have taken longer than expected.  20% of those that were overdue were completed within one week of the originally promised date.

At least 40% of Socius clients whose implementation took longer than expected are still “very satisfied” with their Ohio ERP system anyway. They were willing to take a little longer to make it right. In fact, one Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP client whose implementation took 2 1/2 months longer than planned is projecting a savings of $560,000 in productivity gains annually – more than making up for the time spent on implementation!  Read their story!