Watch Out – An Invoice May Jump Out of Your Calendar with Dynamics NAV 2017

Ready to Upgrade?Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV has been well known for providing a premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite, allowing the use of office productivity tools across entire networks without the traditional licensing setup on each machine. Now, Dynamics 2017 has been released with a number of new upgrades that continue to enhance the Microsoft enterprise suite experience. As many are aware, Office 365 has been marching into most office platforms at a very good clip. Dynamics NAV should make that migration go even faster. One feature allows a synergy between contacts in a calendar database and direct invoice versus having to enter all the same information into an accounts receivable module all over again. This applet is particularly advantageous for those who charge for meeting time, providing consulting or advice services and similar intellectual products. The date, time and purpose already exist in the calendar entry, so the app just grabs that information along with the parties involved and adds their information to the invoice detail seamlessly.

The same digital transfer of party data into invoicing also works with scanning documents. By grabbing the customer information direct from the scanned documents via optical characters recognition (OCR), invoicing is produced without an additional manual step and the addressing is likely to be more accurate coming directly from the customer’s document.

Additional features with Dynamics NAV 2017 include contacts synchronization across all the Office 365 tools, allowing a one-time change that syncs every tool’s reference table with the same updated contact information. And custom report creation have been enhanced further with the package’s Power BI module, bringing to the table a number of valuable templates for reports as well as the ability to create new ones with integrated security control on who gets to use a given report.

With the above in mind, it’s clear that Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV 2017 has pushed new boundaries and will significantly enhance cross-platform data sharing, particularly with contact data and customer accounts, a big plus for marketing and accounts receivable management.


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