Visual Customer Over Credit Limit in GP 2015 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GP R2

Visual Customer Over Credit Limit

Now easily view if a customer is over their credit limit with the two new checkbox setup options that have been added to the Receivables Setup.

The first option give a Visual Cue if a Customer is over their Credit Limit:

The second option gives a Warning message when a Customer is over their Credit Limit:

These new options are available in a wide number of windows in GP, including:

1) Customer Maintenance

2) Customer Inquiry

3) Sales Transaction Entry

4) Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom

5) Purchase Order Entry – drop ship

6) Receivables Transaction Inquiry – Customer

7) Cash Receipts Entry

8) Invoice Entry

9) Invoice Inquiry Zoom

10) Project Accounting

The new Visual Cue and Warning message will help your CSRs quickly identify over credit limit situations so they can be addressed more quickly and efficiently.


Info from Microsoft Dynamics GP BLOG

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