Trusting the Transparent Cloud

Like anything in business, cloud computing comes with both benefits and risks.  According to Microsoft’s whitepaper, The Microsoft Approach to Cloud Transparency, “the opportunity offered by cloud computing requires balancing the benefits of moving data, processing, and capacities to the cloud with the implications of data security, privacy, reliability, and regulatory requirements.”

So how can you be sure that your cloud services provider can be trusted to balance those factors?

One of the best ways to determine whether or not you can trust your cloud provider is to get third-party validation of their security practices and privacy procedures.

Gene Phifer, vice president distinguished analyst for Gartner, gave this advice, “Enterprises should ensure that potential cloud service providers are trustworthy in areas of security, privacy and operational characteristics – Transparency in a cloud vendor is key and security should be as big of a concern with online deployments as with on-premises deployments.”

Microsoft has taken steps to be as transparent as possible so that you can trust them as a cloud provider – whether you are using Windows Azure, Office 365, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Microsoft is striving to be an industry leader in transparency for all of their cloud services so that you can feel confident trusting your critical business data to their cloud.

If you feel ready to trust the Microsoft cloud, get started with Office 365 or Dynamics CRM Online today!

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