Tips to Go Green with Your Sage MAS ERP System

Are you a Sage MAS 90, 200, or 500 software user looking for ways to save time, money, and environmental resources through the way you do business?

There are several ways that your Sage software solution can help you “go green” and gain operational efficiencies all at the same time.  Many of these tips center around electronic document management for your Sage ERP software solution.

Email customer communications instead of printing and mailing

  • Print files to PDF instead of hard-copy, send those documents to your customer by email, and save the environment by not using ink, toner, paper, envelopes, or transportation resources.  With immediate delivery, you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction and your efficiencies by confirming orders with customers before they ship, and eliminate the lag time waiting for the mail to arrive. When your customer contacts you to inquire about their order, your computer screen will display the customer’s exact copy. And, you’ll be able to resend the customer a duplicate copy with the click of your mouse.  View these PDFs by date, source, user ID, and file name.  The system also records a record of when the file was sent.

Send vendor communications, including POs, electronically

  • Print purchase orders (POs) to PDF and send them by e-mail directly to the vendor – all in one smooth process. You’ll improve the timeliness of communications and order turnaround times while you’re saving on paper and postage. You can retrieve archived POs and payments by date, source, user ID, and file name.

Email reports to your team

  • All Standard reports are available in PDF format from the Paperless Office Report Viewer.  You can distribute the reports to the team electronically and save them in the archive for reference!

Complete period-end processing without printing

  • Using period-end reports in PDF format saves on paper costs, plus you can archive reports in a secure and searchable digital format.  All documents are available for electronic retrieval through the PDF Viewer. The Viewer enables you to specify any combination of company codes, modules, and documents to view – so you see only what you want to see. Automatically name and save PDF files, eliminating the risk of accidental overwrites.

Electronically archive important documents

  • You have the ability within the Sage MAS ERP system to electronically save important documents such as financial reports, customer invoices, and purchase orders, using an efficient archive system.  Eliminate paper and printing costs.  Your staff can easily access needed files, view or email them, and return them to archive. This will help you reduce time spent in retrieval and your need for physical space to store these important documents. Plus, easily keep multiple backups of important documents electronically.

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